Thursday, June 27, 2013

Step 4. What happens now?

Ok Hero, here's what's happening now, in real life.Looks like we're finally ready for launch. is open and able to get you started on regaining your legendary lightsaber skills.

I kept the price super low at $3.99, so you can get going. I also added in tutorials that show how to easily assembly some surprisingly capable training sabers for $17 bucks.

8/12/17 update. We are meeting with Disney soon. Your purchase of the tutorial helps me greatly with that aspect. Thank you!

There's a ton of really tricky psychology to master when re-booting an actual order of real life Djedi like yourselves. I think I've got about 80% of it figured out now, and I'm confident people like you will fill in the gaps.

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, you're stoked. I just scouted the Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica. They added a bunch of equipment, and a lot of slacklines. There's also a grassy area where some seriously impressive acrobats flip and fly. So many cool people pulling off Jedi level skills.

This will be the perfect place to locate the epic center of the saber based social scene. I'm leaning toward calling it "Light Club".

This will be a Modern Day Knight Class. A space where we teach each other how to level up every aspect of our lives, so that we can effectively make the world a better place to be. 

I'm quite confident that as people see the lightsabers in action, and hear how Kung Flow is ending addictions, that we're going to attract a large number of talented performers and future instructors.

I've been working Knight and Day on this project since 2003. Seriously. It's so exciting to finally be able to launch. When you see what Phase 3 and 4 bring, you'll understand why I've been so methodical about lining everything up perfectly. It's like nothing I've ever seen before.

This guy, and the millions of other good people like him are the reason why it was worth all the struggle. 

If we do this right, and unite the moden day Knight types, we can bring a lot of light into the real world with this. We can actually get the whole world back on track. I know how that sounds. I also know that as I'm able to present the whole plan properly, you'll see just how beautifuly simple it all is.

If anything here has earned your interest, I'd like to request your help. I finally secured the high powered start up adviser I need, and we're getting ready to bring Kung Flow to market. There's massive money in selling sabers now, and we also have the fitness market on lock. I've recently turned down multiple offers in the $250,000 range into Kung Flow. So this is a thing.

We're going to try to retain as much control of the company as possible. This ensures that our policy of people before profits remains the priority. I'm going to need a lot of help to make this happen though.

Right now, what I've been told to do is gather as many email addresses as possible. If you go to, there is a button at the bottom of the page. Please enter your email there. It will also be a huge help if you reach out to your friends and tell them about what we're building.

Phase 1 focuses on Kung Flow, SmartSabers and the KnightLight.

SmartSabers are the smartly padded training Sabers that will allow you to enjoy the process of acquiring the ability to unlock big new saber skills at Lightspeed.  So much of your processing power is sucked away by fear. And rightfully so, it is a weapon after all. Learning on a lightweight, padded staff is the fast track to epic skill status.

There is a tiny but mighty factory building SmartStaffs right now. If you're excited about any of what we're building, I'd highly recommend acquiring this tool ASAP. Direct link to the shop here.

The KnightLights are being prototyped as we speak. These will be by far and away the most high performance spinning sabers ever offered on this planet. The screen accurate Lightsabers look great. Our swords are designed to make YOU look awesome. :)

(Just FYI, the generous genius building the Prototype is named Zachary Knight. How perfect is that for the DRP pattern?)

Kung Flow is currently up online as a downloadable tutorial. It's admittedly rough, but people are reporting that the mental techniques are being imparted properly, and are helping them level up. This is good because it means the performers/instructors can start studying the approach so as to have a head start when Phase 2 kicks in. 

The more people that purchase the Kung Flow download and/or a SmartStaff, the better it is for the bigger picture. That shows potential partner/investors actual traction. The more we have, the more control we retain. So your early support is incredibly helpful, and massively appreciated.

Phase 2 will be The Digital Red Pill and Djedhi Generation.

Djedi Generation is the community of people who want to be part of the Djedi Recovery Mission. I'll get into this more as I can, but please know that I launched a beta test of this concept a few years ago, and the results were awesome.

Turns out when you gather 72 service oriented people, your party goes perfectly. We threw some epic events, and a group of total strangers co-created a community that quickly felt like family.

If we can scale this up properly, it's going to solve a lot of problems, and make a lot of lives much brighter.

I need to attend other pressing matters right now, but I'll buff this up as soon as I can. Thanks! 


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