Thursday, June 27, 2013

Step 3. The Key Code.

YES!! Please press play, and let this feed roll while you read on. 

Those people are cheering for you. They are cheering the arrival of another Hero onto the game board.

You see, you have already passed the first step, and you are actually far, far more powerful than you can currently comprehend.

This means another powerful force for good has stepped up and in to the most important game in the Galaxy.

Your presence is a cause for celebration, as you are known throughout civilized space as a person of consequence. You are a power player.

We will explain to you how we know this soon. 
For now it is enough to tell you to get used to people cheering for you again. It's going to happen a lot.

You have made the first leap of faith into the unknown successfully.  Congratulations, the first one is always the hardest. 

The challenge is now on us. In order to properly explain how a Digital Red Pill Info-Tech program works, we need to you to read a fair amount of text. 

However, you probably have no idea who we are and if this website is actually a functioning Red Pill or yet another complete waste of your valuable time/energy. 

This is a valid concern.

So we're going to do our best to give you a brief explanation of your hidden history, and how a piece of entirely conceptual technology like a
PlainSight Recognition Auto-Key Code can actually unlock an entirely new level of reality.

Here's a Pro-tip. When reading this mission briefing, if you see something like "Plainsight Recognition Auto-Key Code" don't worry about not understanding it at first.

This is the very first time this kind of purely conceptual technology has ever been used on this planet, so there's no way you could know to run it.

So sit back, relax, and give yourself some time to ease into this. Let your personal progress bar load at it's own pace.

The challenge now, is to take a plan that has taken thousands of years to design and implement, and encapsulate it all in a way that you can quickly and easily comprehend.

The obstacle is that we have lost the ability to read long form. MTV style flashcut editing and 170 character update limits have whittled away at our ability to hold focus.

So please mindful of that, as you progress. Also, this is challenging material to wrap/warp your mind around. It's definitely a mental workout.

Most people will start to lose focus after about 17 minutes. Set a timer, see if you can make it farther than that before you need a break.

Remember  this is all going to sound quite strange. However, as you read and re-read, it will all become much more clear.

The first step is to help you remember who you actually are.

In order to accomplish this, we're going to unveil the Real Life Legend of the Djedi, a secret very well kept for several thousand years now.  

Here we go. 

There's no way of saying this that won't sound overly grandiose. So we're just going to launch in, and hope that you are not scared off by your own greatness. Please just do your best. 

There is a one in seven chance that you are part of an elite team of real life Medical Djedi Recovery Technicians, brought here to stabilize this world. 
It is an absolute certainty that you are one of the brightest, strongest souls in the entire Galaxy. 

This is because Earth's actual history is far different than what is commonly thought. 

This entire planet is known throughout the universe as the premier Djedi Academy. 

This is where it gets interesting. "Jedi" is not just fiction that the much esteemed Mr. Lucas made up for Star wars. 

In real life, the term "Djedi" actually comes from ancient Egypt. 

The Djed were a race of self selecting Scholar/Warriors who would incarnate onto the planet in times of turmoil, in order to provide stability, and return peace and prosperity to the land. 

We believe you are one of those ancient Heroes, here once again to use your considerable skills to assist those in need.

Over and over again, we have inserted ourselves into history, as the Djedi, the Druids, The Knights Templar, the Knights of the Round Table, Robin Hood and the Merry Men, Hashasheen's, or any of the myriad other titles ascribed to those noble heroes willing to take intelligent action on behalf of the greater good.

This is in fact, real. Google it for yourself. Use the keywords, "Djedi" "Djed column" and/or "Djed pillar".

This is a Djed Pillar.

This one is currently housed in the British museum,  it dates back to about 500 BC. It's used to represent stability.

Please take note of just how much it looks like a Lightsaber hilt.

Now we're at the point where it starts getting interesting. 

The ancient Djed also used the Pillar ceremonially. They would erect a large version of this, Iwo-Jima style, to symbolize the triumph of intellect over ignorance.

So what that means, is that actual Djedi carved lightsaber hilts all over 4000 year old temples.

Perhaps take a moment and ponder that fact.

We need you to sit with this, because we are about to tell you why we believe you are one of the strongest, smartest, bravest souls in the galaxy.

This is not going to be easy for us. Not because it's tricky, but because the truth about who you actually are is so overwhelmingly good, that it's hard to believe.

The part of your mind that may have been programmed to believe that things like this are "Too good to be true" may kick on, and steer you away. 

We honor that. Go if you must. Stay if you can. We need all available operators online ASAP. Numbers are critical at this early juncture.

Numbers are also very helpful in regards to proving your greatness to you. Numbers can create an undeniable proof that you are actually astonishingly powerful, as we speak.

For example, as you're reading these words, your brain is performing around 120 trillion calculations a second.

That's this many.

You are accomplishing that feat every single second.

Impressed by a 27 megapixel digital camera?

Well, your eyes have a resolution equal to 576 megapixels, and you are shooting at about 300 frames per second.

Which means that as you read this, you are processing about 360 gigabytes of data, every single second.

And that's just visually. That's not counting the audio, olfactory, taste and tactile streams.

Conservatively speaking, your mind fills up a 500 gigabyte playstation every second you're awake.

A recent study by the Salk Institute has concluded that your storage capacity is in the peta-byte range.

In simpler terms, your brain can hold the contents of the entire internet. That's a lot of lolcatz.

You're that good my friend. We're better than we ever dreamed.

OK, hopefully that bit of data will help you grasp that you are more than equipped for the task at hand. 
Remember, there's just no way this won't sound very strange. But time is of the essence, so here we go. 

For much of civilized time, Earth has been a
 planet reserved entirely for the training, education and entertainment of the Djedi, the true Guardians of the Galaxy.

Only the best and brightest students are accepted to study here. No one else was even allowed to enter the Earth's orbit.

That means regardless of your station in life here, you are either part of the elite recovery team, or were one of the top 2 or 3 prospects chosen from your entire planet.

Or you are part of a long lineage of native born Djedi's. Either way, a
s far as Heart, Smarts, Skills, and Will Power go, you are in the top 1% of the entire galaxy.

Remember that as best as you can. We know how hard that can be to hear. You've been lied to so often.

There has obviously been a situation. An accident occurred long ago, and most of us have now forgotten our true natures.  

Now is not the time to delve into the depths of that. 

(A brief explanation can be found in the page marked "Backstory".)

For now, what you need to know is this.

A galaxy wide recovery mission has been launched to help the citizens of Earth remember their true heritage, regain their Force Abilities and restore the planet to it's proper position as the homeworld of the Djedi.

So either you came here as part of the Elite team of Djedi Recovery Techs, or you are one of the indigenous Djedi now requested to assist the 

Djedi Recovery Mission, AKA "The D.R.M."

We know this all sounds very strange, but it there is just no other way to say it other than directly.

You are one of the strongest, brightest, sharpest souls in the entire galaxy, and you will have to remember that soon if this mission is to succeed.  

From this point on out, we are going to speak to you as if you are one of the Djedi Rescue Techs, in case you are.

All on this planet are without equal in the art of warfare, but force is the wrong tool for this job.

Because everyone on planet is one of us. So any use of force would only lead to more Djedi on Djedi violence, putting us that much further back in the hole.

We knew we needed very special agents. So we sent couriers throughout the galaxy, requesting that every system send us every available medical Djedi. Especially those with rescue and recovery skills.

The response was swift, and overwhelming. We have never seen a force of Djedi this large before.

We do not know the exact number of Djedi Rescue Techs who managed to incarnate in time, but we do know it's quite close to a billion.

That, is why we're so confident in the success of this mission.

So now, know that the finest team of Djedi Mind Tech's, Teachers, Lightsaber instructors, Guardians, and Healers
 ever assembled is on this planet as we speak.

If you are reading this, it's because someone recognized you as a Djedi.

They believe you are One of the noble Heroes that responded to the call to intelligent action.

We know that this must seem strange for you, to be singled out as one of the finest minds in the galaxy.

But you are going to have to find your pride if we are ever to solve the Rubik's kids, and revive the children of the corn syrup.   

Remember, none of us are the singular "Chosen One".

Those of us On Mission are merely the one's who chose to serve.

That willingness to work for the greater good, and a strict adherence to Integrity are the only requirements for joining this Team.

We will do our very best to help you remember that you are an incredibly valuable operator.

This is because we need you to bring your vast skillset back online ASAP. 

We need you to remember that long, long time ago, you bravely incarnated onto this planet as part of a mission to hack the Matrix of Illusory Fear that has hampered this planet for far too long.

You did this knowing that you would most likely forget everything about your mission, your force powers, your special skills, and most likely even your own identity.

You also knew it would hurt. A lot.

You and all your friends went in anyway.

You have been doing this for thousands of years.

You have long been part of a team of Warrior Artists and Rebel Educators.

Natural Born Healers, diligently doing whatever you could to raise consciousness on this planet. 

You have done very well Djedi. Very, very well indeed.

We have now achieved a fast, free Internet. 

This is the game changer we've been waiting for.

We can now communicate at the speed of light. 

We are now able to transmit the information that is the antidote to the invisible sicknesses that have plagued the Earth for centuries.

We could not have gotten here without you. You have played a far bigger role than you currently know.

Now that you have some idea of who you actually are, we're ready to take a look at the Red Pill Pattern and show you how to activate the:

Plain-Sight Recognition Auto-Key Code. 

This is one of the pieces of advanced conceptual tech the D.R.M. Djed are bringing on planet.

ATTN. DJEDI'S! In order for the code to sync in properly, you need to watch each of the videos on a full screen.

We have up-linked many movie clips that are holding codes.

If you are using a mobile phone, it is likely that
the small screen will not be able to impart all of the imperative data. You may miss out on much of the impact of seeing the source code firsthand.

So it is imperative that you view this on a full screen.

Let's start by explaining how a Plain-sight Recognition Auto Key Code works.

Thousands of years ago, the Djedi started w repeating code numbers and names into this reality.

They have been hidden prominently in our favorite fables, art, movies, books and TV shows.

This was done in order to create a distinct pattern of repeating code symbols.

It is hidden in PLAINSIGHT.

This pattern leaves a trail that is easily seen, once you know what you're looking for. 

RECOGNITION of the existence of the pattern itself is the actual message of the code. 

This creates the AUTO-KEY.

The message is this:

You are a highly skilled Djedi Master, an integral part of an inter-galactic recovery team comprised of elite Djedi Mind Techs, Medics and Guardians.

We need you to remember who you are. We need you step up into your true power. You are a Hero and we need you to bring your skills online now.

You are the One we've been waiting for. 

If you are reading this on an open internet, it means the foundation phase was successful, and we are now able to initiate the launch of the actual 

Djedi Generation.

The full scale Djedi Recovery Mission is go. 

The designated indicator code names for this mission are: 


The prime designator code numbers are, 

3,11,27, and 327.

These names and numbers were chosen due to their mathematical, historical and linguistic significance within Western culture. 

Part of the plan was to work those codes into our names, birthdays, and other personal identifiers, prior to entering this Matrix.

This was to help us better recognize, and therefore identify the activation Key Code, as we are all naturally pre-programmed to resonate with our own names and lucky numbers.
These code symbols also help us locate other recovery Tech's, as this kind of work is best done in groups.

So if you find any of these names and/or numbers in your personal information, it means you are carrying indicator codes.

VERY IMPORTANT! -We calculated that the success rate of this gambit would be no higher than 60 percent. 

If you feel that you may be a part of this mission, but are not carrying any of the indicator codes in your name or Birthday, please keep in mind that it is estimated that about 40 percent of your wave is not coded in any way.

Your parents had the ultimate say-so in locking in your birth data, and let's be honest.

Some of them are quite dense.

So you may have yelled yourself hoarse in-utero, that doesn't mean they were able to parse the signal. 

Also, many of you have specific missions within the mission, and so have coded in unique frequencies based on your personal point of origin or skill set. 

For example, a guy named Athan Bloom is probably going to be very good with agriculture. 

Please research and decode your name thoroughly in case this is applicable. Dig deep, and look sharp.

How name coding works:

If you have "An" anywhere in your name you are carrying a code. Examples would be "Hannah" or "Dyan", or "Jonathan".

"An" is an abbreviation for Angel, as that is the best description of your rank/job/skillset. 

NOTE- Know that terms "Djedi" and "Angel" are completely interchangeable, as they represent the exact same position/status/frequency.

Both carry swords made of Light, and use them to protect those in need. 

These people will most often be found in positions of service, such as Nurses or Police officers, Social Service providers, Teachers and Coaches, etc etc.

They feel compelled to assist people in need. They are also often quite artistic, always kind and strong hearted.

Many, many Djedi's are named Anna, as it's coded in both directions. This will also explain the names otherwise inexplicably enduring popularity over the last century.

Many "An" coded people have very deep, very bright, often multi-colored eyes with a sunburst in the middle.

Green and Gold eyes are quite common in the An's.

If you were recognized as a Djedi by a stranger, and sent to this site, this is quite possibly how they knew who you were.

NOTE: If you have brown eyes, do not despair. Many of the higher ranking officers choose brown so as to be able to better fly under the radar.

David is the code name designated to select those who have demonstrated extraordinary courage in prior missions.

(Gryffindor would be filled with Davids.)

Dave was chosen as it is a derivation of "Deva" which is a much older, Sanskrit/Hindu version of the word Angel. 

These are the people you will find on the front lines of life. They can often be found as firefighters, Police officers, Soldiers, ER personnel, peacemakers, lawyers, journalists, etc etc. 

Michael and Michelle are the codes chosen to denote Djedi with leadership skills. 

They are strong, sharp people, quite often athletic or talented performers. Business minds, Lawyers, Law enforcement, Intelligence Agencies, and the military Special Forces are filled with "Mike's", as are guide positions of all kinds.

Mike's will often have ice blue eyes with gold suns around the pupils.

Katy, Catherine, Cat etc, is used to denote those Techs originating from Feline based star systems. 

This is obviously a very long, very strange conversation. But in short, they come from a star system where the DNA was sourced from Felines instead of Primates. 

They are usually quite curious about what's just beyond the horizon, always looking for the next adventure. They are the Seekers of life. 

Their actions are also impossible to predict, and they will constantly surprise you. Good luck trying to tell them what to do. They have their own way of doing things and prefer to keep it that way. 

(Certainly explains a lot doesn't it Cat? :)

Their presence on planet also explains the otherwise inexplicable proliferation of LoLcats.

In fact, Google set an early version of an Artificial Intelligence free on the internet so that it could start learning on it's own.

It taught itself to recognize Cats.

This is the ultimeme.

KYE, KYLE, KI, KY, KEvin, etc.  signifies "Key". 

This is the team of Techs who designed and constructed the Plain-Sight Auto-Key Recognition Code program.

These are the ones tasked with figuring out how to use intelligent technology to crack the
Illusory Fear Matrix.

They are unusually good at problem solving, as they are quite adept at unlocking puzzles. 

NOTE- KI can also be pronounced "CHI". 

We here in the west are now familiar with the concept of "Chi" through martial arts films.  

It is "The Force" spoken of in the Star Wars films. 

It surrounds us at all times. It is what powers all of life. Explaining it, is like explaining water to a fish.

Grasping "Chi" is the "Ki" to hacking the Matrix. 

It is no surprise that this group can also become very proficient at the Martial Arts.

These code names also help you Find Each Other. 

You and the rest of your team incarnated throughout the far corners of the world, knowing that one day, when the time was right, you would begin to remember your true nature, and join together to form a coalition of noble souls.

One strong enough to restore this world to the frequency of Love.

This is our symbol, the Integrice. 

Please feel encouraged to use this symbol to help you locate other Awake Djedi's.

If you should be fortunate enough to re-connect with a fellow Djedi at these early stages, take very good care of each other.

Very few of us have completely healthy, supportive Bio-logical families. Many of us are quite wounded, and we're all exhausted. 

In the words of the esteemed philosopher, Theodore S. Preston: "Be excellent to each other".

Number Codes.

As stated, we have been subtly embedding code symbols all over this reality. Lately, we have been channeling much of our energy into producing films and books that overtly focus on methods of uncovering secret codes woven into reality. 

The goal was to train you to look for hidden codes and Easter eggs, so that when enough of our Key Code was in place, you would be able to track it properly.

Primary code symbol for this mission is "27".  

Why did we choose the number 27

Many reasons. Any number would have worked, but 27 is especially well suited, given it's importance in the fields of physics, math, and religion. Here a few examples. This is by no means a complete list.

  • The cube of three, ie 3x3x3 (3 to the power 3) is 27.
  • The number of straight lines on any cubic surface is 27.
  • If you add the numbers between 2 and 7 the result is 27.
  • The largest number which is also the sum of the digits in its cube is 27.
  • The number of books in the new testament is 27.
  • The 27th book of the new testament is revelation, written by St John of Patmos, whose saint’s day is December 27.
  • The number of pieces in a rubik’s cube is 27.
  • The number of letters in the greek alphabet is 27.
  • The number of letters in the hebrew alphabet is 27.
  • The number of letters in the spanish alphabet is 27.
  • The moon takes 27 days to orbit the Earth.
  • The sun revolves on its axis every 27 days.
  • The human hand contains 27 bones.
  • It takes 27 days for a human cell to re-grow.  
Djedi's are trained to think multi-dimensionally. We don't just take things at surface value. Just because the western world reads left to right, doesn't mean that's the only way.

In actuality, a huge number of people read right to left, and some read top to bottom. 

So for us, a 72 can just as easily be a 27. It's all in the starting point of perception.

This is also why so many Djedi choose the name "Anna". It's coded in both directions. Please feel encouraged to look at everything from all angles and angels.

Also, as we are able to progress, we will be able to explain why the Sun's 27 day cycle is the key to transcending the old reality. 

Sub-codes are 311, and 327. 

3 is a sub-code, used to represent the unification of the Divine Trinity of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

11 is another sub-code. 

It derives from the  from Proto-Germanic *ainalif., meaning "One Left".

Ainalif, also means "Elf", which takes you to this, 

 elf (plural elves)
Wikipedia has an article on:
  1. (Norse mythology) A luminous spirit presiding over nature and fertility and dwelling in the world of Álfheim (Elfland). Compare angel, nymph, fairy.  [quotations ▼]
  2. Any from a race of mythical, supernatural beings resembling but seen as distinct from human beings. Usually skilled in magic or spellcrafting; sometimes depicted as clashing with dwarves, especially in modern fantasy literature.
  3. (fantasy) Any of the magical, typically forest-guarding races bearing some similarities to the Norse álfar (through Tolkien's Eldar)

So "Eleven" is also synonymous with "Angel".

Here's where it gets fascinating.

In real life, many thousands upon thousands of people are reporting unusual experiences involving inexplicable recurrences of number 11:11.

They see it everywhere they go. 

Please feel encouraged to go take a quick Google, so that you can verify this fact for yourself.

Look at the Djed pillar sideways. There is the "hidden" 1111.

If you consistently see 11:11 on the clock, know that you are not alone. It's definitely worth a Google to see just how many hundreds of thousands of people are also experiencing this phenomenon. 

11:11 is also a reminder of the 4 columns of heaven referenced by the ancient Egyptian Djedi.

We feel it is best for you to research this on your own. If we give you all the info, you may feel that we are stacking the deck.

By doing your own research, you will see that this info far predates anybody currently physically incarnate.

The number "
327" is used to add complexity to the pattern. 

By combining two of the designated code numbers together, "327" exponentially amplifies the degree of specificity, making it's repeated occurrence in your reality much less likely to be the product of random chance.

Again, if this concept is not immediately easy to grasp, relax. You'll get it.

Basically, by making the signal number longer and therefore much more specific, it makes it showing up repeatedly far more unlikely to be just a coincidence, as it takes the degree of difficulty up much, much higher.

For example, in the realm of Mathematics, 27 is something called a "Self locating string".

If you count out to the 27th decimal place in PI, you will find a 27. 

3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 8327
Conveniently, 327 is also available. Also note that Pi's approximate fraction is 22/7.

So again, the 27 code repeats, and mirrors itself. 

Sometimes, we get cute about it.


So now that you know the designated code numbers and names, let's show you some of the more noteworthy occurrences of the Key Code that are woven into our reality.

Oddly enough, a story about the lineage of actual Djedi's is going to start on the USS Enterprise.

It's borderline blasphemy for the Star Wars purist's, we know. But it is also by far the most effective method of imparting how this advanced kind of info-tech operates.

Star Trek The Next Generation has an episode called "Cause and Effect" that will be particularly helpful. 

We highly suggest watching this training film in its entirety very soon, as it is the most direct way to explain to you how a Plainsight Auto-Recognition Key Code functions.

Here's a link to a free viewing

In short, the USS Enterprise is deep in uncharted territory. They identify the presence of a distortion field. Then another Starship comes out of nowhere and crashes into them.

The resulting explosion not only destroys the Enterprise, it knocks them backwards in time. They get trapped in a time loop. 

Over and over again, they crash into the other ship, explode into smithereens, then get blown back in time, totally unaware that they are doomed to keep repeating their destruction over and over.

Here's the thing. We are currently living in the exact same scenario.  Have you ever thought about the fact that the Earth is quite literally, a Spaceship?

We are all currently crewing the S.S. Earth, zipping through space at about 66,000 miles per hour. The atmosphere is our hull, it protects us from meteors and interstellar whatnot.

We're powered entirely by Solar. The plants convert sunlight into oxygen and other life support systems. It’s a completely self sustaining, closed loop system.

That currently needs repair. We have been stuck in repeating cycles of upheaval and unrest for all of history and it has taken a toll on our eco-sphere.

We have somewhere between 5 and 20 years to correct our mistakes and rebuild our planet.

So metaphorically speaking, we are in the exact same scenario as the Enterprise was when it was caught up in the time loop.

The good news is that in the "Cause and Effect" episode there's a solution, and it's a good one.

Weird things start happening on the Enterprise. People are experiencing Deja Vu, Lots of odd little coincidences are happening.

Then they find that there's a number that keeps appearing in odd places all over the ship...


In the end, the overwhelming amount of inexplicable occurrences of the number 3 help the crew grasp that they are stuck in a distortion field, and they are able to change their course and avert the disaster.

Sound Familiar?

Once free, the USS Enterprise contacts the other ship. The Crew of the USS BozemAN has no idea that they have been in a distortion field for 80 years. 

They think it is the year 2278.  

This story was written by Brannon Braga. It was produced by Rick Berman, David Livingston, and Michael Piller.

So what this means, is that this a story about the crew of a spaceship trying to send themselves a warning back through time.

They do this by inserting a repeating code number all over the ships readout systems.

This was done by the ships Chief Science Officers in hopes that they will recognize the anomaly, that the number 3 is appearing far too often to be chance, and realize that something is trying to alert them to change course.

That is exactly what's happening, right now. We are about to show you how that same approach has been crafted into all of our favorite stories. 

By the way, in the finale of the latest film, "Star Trek into Darkness", Spock's big final fight scene against KhAN takes place on barge number 27.  Freeze frame at 1:35 for a clear view.

So now that we've covered that, we can move in to
 "The Matrix".

For many of us, this movie itself was the Red Pill. 

It implanted the conceptual splinter that upon closer examination turned out to be the Key that opened our minds to the possibility of there actually being a Matrix. 

The ending scene of that movie is the opening sequence of our next level.

This is where we stop being passive watchers, and start becoming power players.

Listen to Neo's words while you look for the 27's in the code.


The obvious instances are the two perfectly placed and balanced 27's 3 lines above the box that says "System Failure".

However if you look deeper, there are many other 27's that occur diagonally, or read right to left.

Remember, much of the world reads right to left. So if you are able think in multiple directions and dimensions, 72's are also 27's. 

As always, it is a matter of your starting point of perception. 

Also, "314" is there to indicate Pi, the programming/geometry number this entire reality is built upon. Pi's fraction is 22/7. 

Here is another instance. Make sure you go full screen for this one.


The "physical" red pill is actually a tracking program.

When Apoc says "Lock", the number on screen pin points to Neo's location in the battery field.   

Neo's exact Pin pod number is 0274526303.

This is what we mean by a self locating numbers. 

These "coincidences" are the black cats, the glitches in the matrix. They're often quite subtle so you have to be sharp.  

We could not be too obvious about the plan prematurely, as we could not tip our hand until the rest of the Technology was in place to be able to support it.

Very important note: As previously stated, there are no enemies, but there are people so sick that they will fight off rescue attempts.

The panicking swimmer that drowns his rescuer is a good example of what we're up against in this regard.

Unfortunately, some of our minds have become so distorted that they just want to see the world burn. Hence the need for all the subterfuge.

Let's take a look at Neo's introduction. You only need to watch the first seven seconds of this clip. 


If you know the movie, you know that 9:18 is also the time on his alarm clock when Neo wakes up in the morning.

This "coincidence" is unlikely to have occurred by chance. 
9:18 is probably then being used specifically.

Because 9 plus 18 is 27.

Also, in the movie, the camera focuses in on the ESC key. Esc. stands for Escape.

Each key on your keyboard has a corresponding Ascii number. 

Hidden in plain sight.

That number is there to help you remember that you are here on a mission.

It is an activation code, a signal flare from the other side.

Perhaps this would be the easiest way to explain it. 

While we're in Gotham, let's also add this in:

Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comics #27

And DC recently announced that 7/23 is now international Batman Day.

You can also find a connection between the S on Superman's chest, and the Ancient Egyptian Djedi.

OK, back to the Matrix at hand. Now let's look at the "real world" name coding of The Matrix. This is where the code leaves the realm of the purely fictional, and starts bending into our reality.

Neo Anderson is played by Keanu Reeves. 

Trinity (AKA the number 3) is played by Carrie Anne Moss. 

Morpheus was played by Laurence Fishburne, birthday 7/30/1961. 7+3+0+1+9+6+1 equal's 27

The Matrix was written by Andy and Larry Wachowski.

The name "Andy" fits the pattern perfectly.

Laurence most certainly does not. 

You may find it interesting to note that Larry switched genders halfway through his life, and Became "Lana", thus preserving and actually strengthening the pattern.

Good work Lana.

In "The Matrix: Reloaded" Neo had to knock out 27 blocks on the power grid to gain access to the door of the central computer of the matrix.

They had exactly 314 seconds in which to accomplish this. 

3.14 is Pi. Pi's ratio is 22/7. And the number 27, is in the 27th position.

Behind the door was the Architect of the Matrix.

Remember, we are learning how to become the Architect's of our own Matrix.

The "blocks" we need to remove in order to be able to accomplish that, are nothing more than our own limiting belief programs, which are all entirely conceptual illusions created by a post traumatic stress response.

Speaking of terror, you may also find it interesting to know that Neo's birthday is 9/11/2001.

Keep in mind the Matrix came out in 1999. Two years before the attacks on the Twin Towers.

That in and of itself should take you down the rabbit hole a few steps. Speaking of rabbit holes... 

Remember how Neo is instructed to follow the White Rabbit? 

It's an Alice in Wonderland reference. The author, Lewis Carrol, was born on 1/27.

As we said, this plan was incepted a long, long time ago. Curiouser and curiouser... 

This is obviously very challenging material to grasp, so a television show called "Touch" was been produced in order help you better understand how this approach works.

The show is about a young boy who can see numerical patterns where others can not. He can not communicate normally, but uses his otherworldly ability with numbers to help connect people so that they can help each other heal and grow. 

Sound Familiar? 

This Promo will help you grasp the concept a little better. Please make sure you study it closely, and listen to what it's trying to tell you.

The boy is unable to speak, so his Father has to learn to  decipher his clues through the numbers.

The boy is played by David Mazouz, and the Father is played by Kiefer Sutherland. Here is another clip from Touch. 


So now we have a show about a boy trying to show people that there are numerical patterns woven into the fabric of reality, and they are using the exact same names and numbers as our mission.

This is what we mean by self referencing specificity.

The Da Vinci Code book is another tool that teaches you how to identify hidden codes woven into plain sight. 

 It was written by Dan Brown. Its Hero is Robert Langdon. "L'ang" is French for Angel.

Dan Brown is also the Author of the excellent "Angels and Demon's" and "The Lost Symbol". We highly recommend you read these masterpieces. 

Speaking of Da Vinci and Masterpieces, it was recently discovered that Leonardo hid the number "72" in the background of the Mona Lisa. Here is a link to that story. DAVINCI 72 

(Please consider this to be the first breadcrumb in what will be a very long trail, should you choose to track it down.  Should you succeed, you will be the first to do so. Enjoy.)

The movie Contact was about humans being contacted by an extra-dimensional Intelligence.  

The satellite dish that picked up the inter-dimensional signal code was dish number 27.

That story was written by Carl Sagan, and his wife Ann Druyan

Jodie Foster was actually born Alicia Christian Foster. The man playing her Father is named David, her Boss is a Michael.  There are multiple other instances of the name coding in the cast, but we don't want to get bogged down in details. Seek for yourself if you'd like.

Also, keep in mind that not only is that movie distinctly carrying all the designator codes, it is itself a message, an auto-key.

It is a story about an Extra-Dimensional Intelligence trying to make contact with Humans.

After you've read the backstory and watched the movie, you will see what we mean by self referencing specificity.

Especially given the specificity of the number of the dish that caught the signal.

Quite a few movies focus on us being visited by Aliens. Remember Independence Day? Earth is invaded by hostile aliens, etc etc....

Written by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich. It opened on 7/2, which coincidentally is also the day the whole story starts on. The guy who discovers the existence of the Aliens is named David.

Independence day 2 exponentially amplifies the pattern.

Dr. Okun, The man who is able to unlock the technology that saves the world is none other than Brent Spiner.

AKA, Data from Star Trek the Next Generation, the ANdroid who unlocked the technology that saved the Enterprise.

Dr. Okun has been in a coma for 20 years. He is resting in hospital room #327.

Brent Spiner's real life Birthday adds up to 27. 

As another example, the movie K-pax was about a man who may or may not have been inhabited by an extra-dimensional intelligence from another star system

We'll add the clip in soon, but for now, know that he (KEvin Spacey) makes a very big deal about needing to catch a beam of light on exactly 7/27

Also keep in mind that nothing shapes reality more than video entertainment. Our screens reflect, direct, create and catalyze us. These programs can be used to help us to recognize possible unwanted outcomes, like the movie Wall-E did.  

It opened on the 27th, it was written and directed by  
Andrew Stanton

That movie helped more than few of us to finally take stock of some unpleasant parts of ourselves, it also gave us a look at a possible future we may want to avert. 

That's the vast power of good Stories. They always show us the future. Our TV screens also offer us a clear reflection.
We all recognized parts of ourselves in  "The Simpson's".

Perhaps that's why it's the longest  running TV show of all time. 
The twenty-seventh season of the animated television series The Simpsons began airing on Fox in the United States on September 27, 2015.

The Simpson's were created by Matt Groening, born February 15, 1954. 2+1+5+1+9+5+4 ='s

The movie and the show are both produced and directed by David Silverman. 

Note that the release date was 7/27/2007

It's another one of those films that is trying to tell us about what could happen if we don't start upgrading soon. 

In this story, we  see what would happen if we became so toxic that we had to have a put a dome over us, in order to keep our pollution from spilling over into the rest of the World. 

This is the helicopter that opens the doorway in the barrier that allows the Heroes to escape the pollution.

In case that's too subtle, there's also this from the TV show.

And this.

And this.

The following text was pulled off the Simpson's Wiki page. 

"Number 27, an imprisoned inhabitant of The Island, was sent there because she knew how to turn water into gasoline, which would most likely provide both economic and financial breakthroughs, for which her plans were evidently foiled.

This brings up one of the most important pieces of information for you to know. What if technology as world changing as that actually existed?

It could have.

For example, the man you hopefully know as Nikola Tesla developed a wireless free energy technology over a hundred  years ago. If you research Tesla, you will learn that he is responsible for the basis of most of the better technological advances we enjoy today.

He largely responsible for bringing electrical power to the world. He also laid the groundwork for radio, television, remote control, X-rays and many other important advances.

If you dig deeper, you will also find that he had a deep fascination with the number "3". So much so that he would only take rooms that resonated with that number.

This is a plaque on the door of Hotel room in which he spent the last 10 years of his life. 

Being a Djedi, he cared greatly about helping people, and far less about making money.

He gave away his innovations freely, and wanted to give the world free energy, but was blocked by the men who wanted to meter the power.

Why does this happen so often?
It's a simple programming glitch in our minds. Some of us are just cross-wired due to overwhelming trauma.

Some of have been taught to put profits before people.

The native American's had a name for this disease. They called it "Wetiko".  They believed an overly greedy person could turn into an actual monster, a Wendigo.

While that's obviously not true, it does explain how a 
man with over a billion dollars in the bank can sleep at night while multitudes of children go hungry.

For some reason he values the yacht he almost never uses more than the welfare of good people.

This is likely due to a fear of starvation that was hardwired into us thousands of years ago. The operating systems of our brain have not been updated since the Sabertooth tiger days.

Definitely can haz your cheezburger.

Our fight or flight response is still calibrated to the days when we had to run from, or occasionally even fight one of these overpowered beasts.

We still surge that amount of kill-or-be-killed adrenaline when somebody cuts us off in line at the post office. This is why we fight. It plays havoc on our systems. It wears us out.

Earth's current situation is something like a hurt Cat lashing out and clawing the hand that is trying to rescue it.

That is basically what's happening now. Earth bound Djedi's have been subjected to a large amount of trauma. Way too much pain, for far too long. Many of us are in a state of low grade shock.

This has led to us actually pushing away the technology that can easily solve most of our pressing problems.

This is due to some conflicting code buried deep in the root of our cultural operating system.

Now is not the time to excavate this issue, but know that the problem has been identified, and an efficient solution is in place. 

All this talk of source code takes us to the movie 
Source Code.

Jake Gyllenhall is sent back in time, onto a train to figure out how to keep a terrorist from detonating a nuclear bomb. He is sent to look for a pattern...

Add up the number of the train.

The two women who guide him on his rescue mission are Michelle Monaghan and Vera Ann Farmiga.

A guardian sent back in time to save the earth logically leads us to the Terminator series. Why? Because its a story about technicians being inserted into a world in order to save it from itself. Resonance...

We'll focus in on movie Number 3 for all the obvious reasons.

It was produced by Gale Anne Hurd, and premiered on 7/2.

In the opening sequence the numbers on John Connors motorcycle licence plate add up to 27.

The female lead is named Kate, played by Claire Catherine Danes.

She's about to get offed by the new Terminator, played by Kristanna Loken.

Shoot happens, big trucks crash into things, and the future Governor of the 7th largest economy in the world hangs off the end of crane and crashes into lots of things.

Including ambulance number 27. More stuff is crashed into more stuff and eventually the evil robot is sucked into a particle accelerato

Which just happens to be accelerator number 27.

Speaking of Particle Accelerators, did you know that The Large Hadron Collider is exactly 27 kilometers in circumference?

While we're time traveling, let's go Back to the Future.

Marty McFly "Wakes up" at this alarm.


In Back to the Future 2 (1989): When Marty, (Born Michael Andrew Fox.) gets hit over the head, he wakes up on the 27th floor of Biff’s tower.

Also please note the arrows impart the 11:11 code.

In BTTF 3, Marty gets stuck in the future, 2015.

Which just happens to be the year that The Force Awakened. 

When Marty manages to solve all the problems, and returns everything to normal, it's on this date.

This aspect of the story goes way deeper. But let's move on.

The last two James Bond films have him staying in Hotel room #327. This is made more interesting when you learn that his birthday is 11/11.

Hopefully by now we've established at least the possibility of the pattern for you. Let's see if we can take it to the Next Level.

We have also been inserting Djedi indicator codes into Video Games. 

PORTAL came out in 2007 and was a huge success, without needing to be violent.

It was a triumph both financially and as a learning tool. It teaches you how to escape a prison by using your critical thinking skills in order to solve increasingly complex problems. Sound familiar?

It is not surprising that KIm Smith, the creator of this next level conceptual tech game is carrying the Ki code.

The reason she designed this game is that she wants you to really grasp the concept of Portals, especially conceptual portals. If we are to end the trance, (transcend) we are going to have to develop entirely new modes of thought.

Right now, this project is offering you a portal to a new way of thinking. One without limits or boundaries, one that offers an entirely new way of navigating reality.

The PORTAL game requires you to think your way out of a prison. Here is the form you are given when you are finally able to transcend that particular Matrix.

Form # 29827281-12

There's the 27 code. in both directions. Remember, when you identify an obvious piece of code, dig very deep. Here's an example of what we mean. 

If you add up the digits first number you get 39, which if multiplied, makes 27.  By itself, that occurrence is not all that noteworthy. 

But if you now look at the form number as an equation, you get this,

39 - 12 ='s 27...

"ASSASSIN'S CREED" is  a multi-platinum selling game about a highly skilled, sword wielding Hero-in-a-hood who  must excavate the memory banks of his own DNA in order to find the location of the very powerful ancient high technologies buried deep inside his mind.

This is to thwart a band of misguided men who are intent on ruling the world through force and violence.

Sound familiar?

The number 72 is used repeatedly as a clue.

The technologies that can save the world have been locked away for Eons are stored in a Vault hidden deep in a remote cave.

In order to unlock the vault, you have to input the number "72".

Inside is an Apple and a Staff.

These are the tools that Kung Flow, your saber training program is based upon. We will have to set this matter aside for now, as the needed information is not appropriate for this moment.

NOTE: If you are familiar with the Assassin's Creed series, please know that this is a substantial part of the program to end the ignorance affliction. We are holding much, much more information in this area, but feel that it is a little too far forward for the moment.

But please know we are quite confident that you will be quite pleased with phase 2 and 3 of the Djedi Recovery Mission, as your knowledge of this game and the skillset it has given you will be very useful.

The AC game also weaves in DaVinci, Tesla, Houdini and many other Djed Techs into the story line. It not only offers an excellent history lesson, it also does a brilliant job of teaching you how to think multi-dimensionally.

It's an epic tool to help unlock the next level.

ATTENTION GAMERS! Please know that you are one of the driving Forces that will turn the tides of history. You have been training your whole life for this.

You have been fine tuning your mind and reflexes. You are able to problem solve and adapt to shifting realities on a scale and speed never before seen on this planet.

You are already receiving the training that will allow you become one of the thought leaders that can comprehend how to install and implement the new conceptual tech properly.

You will also be receiving a significant physical upgrade soon.

Your new real world skill XP upgrades, combined with your already significant critical thinking abilities will be the game changer we need. Stay tuned for more. 

We strongly urge you to dive into the Assassins Creed series with an eye on the subtle psychology and hidden history. It's truly brilliant and eminently helpful.

Also, it is highly advisable to upgrade your fitness and nutrition programs ASAP. You are going to want to be in the best shape possible for this.

If some of that didn't make sense to you, ask a Gamer to translate for you. They know.

The movie "GAMER" is extremely violent, but it had to be to make its point. It's about the blurring of the lines between reality, virtual reality, and entertainment. 

Definitely a good film for illustrating the imminent rise of Virtual Reality. 
You may also find it interesting to note that Cable, the hero has exactly 27 victories in the tournament. 

ATTENTION GAMERS: We need game savvy people to extend and enhance this aspect of the mission. If you are well versed in the gaming arena and would like to help develop this facet, please send an email to

If this is all starting to sound like the Jim Carrey movie "The Number 23" that's because that movie explores this exact same phenomenon. 

A man finds that the number 23 is distinctly embedded into his life. Far too often to be chance, and so he starts tracking down a trail of breadcrumbs that could only have been left for him to find. 

You may find it interesting to note that a movie about a man inundated by uncanny recurrences of the number 23 has several distinct references to the number 27. 


You may also want to research the "23 phenomenon." It is part of a much deeper game than we just can't do justice here.

If you watch this film, please shut if off about halfway through.

While the movie was fun at first, Hollywood took this novel idea and devolved it into a dark tale filled with the usual violence, death and betrayal. Yawn. They do this a lot, because it's easier than writing. 

DeadPool on the other hand, was incredibly well written. 


RyAN Reynolds not only nailed that role, he'll lead you to a film that might make you think twice about life.
In the movie, "The Nines", 

Ryan Reynolds plays a very troubled soul. He's a famous actor having a total meltdown. He is told to look for "Nines", and they start showing up everywhere.  There is a large painting of a 72 in his living room, as 7 + 2 ='s 9. The filmmakers do a lot of this.  

Ryan has a number of inexplicable experiences that cause him to question his reality.

This exercise allows
 him to realize that his entire world is a video game that he himself created. 

He is assisted in this endeavor by Melissa Ann Mcarthy, Hope Davis, and Elle Fanning.

We highly encourage you to watch this film after you've viewed the Star Trek Next Generation episode.

This will greatly expand your comprehension of how our approach works.

This film also references another one our films called "Knowing".

is another program designed to teach you how to locate and utilize hidden code numbers. 

The story centers on a piece of paper retrieved from a 50 year old time capsule. The paper is covered with long strings of seemingly random numbers.

Just like the poster. But if you look sharp, you can see part of the pattern. Let's zoom in.

An MIT physicist cracks the code and realizes that the numbers aren't random, they are the exact dates and locations of every major tragedy of the last 50 years.

Watch this please. This is the number string that proves the accuracy, and therefore validity of the pattern.


Just to be sure we're making our point, the number they are using to prove the existence, accuracy and therefore validity of the hidden pattern is 27.

At the end, Angels come in and take the children to a better place. Everyone else gets wiped out. 

Just like in that little Art house indie film, 2012

Here is some footage from that film. In case the footage is too blurry, note that the end speech is being given on monitor D27.


Also, the lead character is a Katy, and the Captain of the Ark is a Michael.  

This is the day they come back into the Light.

Speaking of 2012, in 2012, the Major League Baseball Rookie of the year was an Angel name Michael, wearing #27.

Anybody want to replace the bat with a Saber?

He pulls moves like this on a regular basis. Good job kid. 

In the hyper-violent, but otherwise excellent "Children of Men", mankind has lost the ability to reproduce. The one woman who manages to give birth is named Kee. Key. Ki...

Note the year the story is set in. 

Legion, is a story about the Arc-Angel Michael coming down to Earth to save us from being wiped out by all the other Angels. He steals this police car. 

Of course the Avengers are in on the action.

As are the X-men. The new X-men movie "Apacolypse" is basically a primer for the Djedi Recovery mission.

Along with illuminating some of the more esoteric ancient Egyptian themes we've touched on here, the makers also snuck in a Djed pillar in the first 5 minutes.

The movie just came out, so we don't have clips. But when you see the two big soldiers use their clubs to knock down the posts holding up part of the pyramid, look for this symbol carved into the slab that slides down.

Remember, this is the symbol of the actual order of real life Djedi.

There are also at least two very prominent instances of the 27 code. The 3 flight suits are stored in lockers that are each numbered 27.

Also, the X-men's personal plane has a very large 27 on it as well.

But that's not even the smoking gun. At one point our Heroes walk past a movie sign that says
"Return of the Jedi."

This movie is also incredibly well done in all departments. Just a fantastic film. This is art at its highest expression. Well played BriAn Singer. 

Movies are the best way to reach the most people, but books are the best way to to teach them how to think like a Hero. 

What's been the biggest book series of the last decade?

Harry Potter of course.

Harry is short for Harold, and a "Herald" is an Angel. 

For those of you who have been living under two rocks, Harry Potter is a story about an abused orphan boy who finds out he’s actually an extremely powerful magician.

He has to learn how use his gift wisely, and after a long struggle, gets to leave his past behind and live in a world filled with magic. 

Sound familiar?

What if that story was part of our program?

If that was true, our codes would have to be woven into it quite distinctly. Let's take a look.

HP was written by Joanne Kate Rowling.  Check and check. She chose the middle name "Kate" by the way.

She has a sister named DiAnne.

Her mother's name is Anne.

Her son's name is David

Her daughter, Jessica Arantes Birthday is 7/27/93

Harry's father, James Potter's birthday is 3/27.

Harry is played by Daniel Radcliffe. Born 7/23/1989

Who produced the last Potter movie?  David Heyman and David Barron. 

Speaking of books, The Hunger Games broke big, and offered us another good reflection of our lives.

Written by Suzanne Collins, (Birthday 8/10/1962 ='s 27) the main character is a Kat, and there are 3 books, with exactly 27 chapters each. 

In the smash hit second movie, Catching Fire, the way the brave people signal their willingness to stand up for freedom is by holding up 3 fingers. This is us, dropping a direct sign that we are gearing up to start moving back into the light.

In the Catching Fire movie, we also see the first images of the rebellion on monitor 427.

In "The Mockingjay", when our heroes enter the fort of the freedom fighters, they meet on Level 27.

These books are incredibly valuable teaching tools if you wish to understand how the rest of the world views America.

NOTE!- We are adamantly against violent rebellion and revolution.

We have instigated several revolutions in the past and obviously none of them have achieved our goal of World Peace and Prosperity.

We have since realized that by definition, a revolution takes you 360 degrees, leaving you right back to where you started.

So we have acknowledged our errors, and have upgraded our approach. We are now focusing the entirety of our efforts on kickstarting an American Renaissance Engine.

Our efforts will be entirely peaceful. We are the Medics. We are the Healers. We do not attack, we do not use violence to solve problems.

Violence is refuge of the weak mind.

We are here to heal and help everyone who wants assistance.

A true Djedi will only fight to protect Love.

So now let's wrap up by talking about the biggest movie of all time. Not in terms of dollars, but in the lasting effect it has had on our culture. 

We're obviously referring to Star Wars. 

It may be helpful to recall that "Jedi" is not just something made up for a movie. Let's re-presence that the term "Djedi" comes from ancient Egyptian history. 

The Djed were a race of self selecting super warriors who would incarnate onto this planet in times of turmoil in order to provide stability and return peace and prosperity to the world. 

Knowing that, what would it mean if our code was obviously and overtly woven into the Star Wars series over and over again? 


  The Millenium Falcon's serial number is 

 "YT-1300 492727ZED."

The trash compactor our Heroes get stuck in was 3263827. This list goes on and on.

There are actually so many instances of 27's and 327's in the Star Wars universe, that we didn't have enough time to compile all of them.

327 is so deeply embedded into Star Wars that it has its very own Wookiepedia page.

So it's obviously by design. So why does Mr. Lucas knowingly insert that number into all of his films? 

he knows the code. Like you, he is an actual Djedi, here to help restore balance to the force.

Only instead of blowing up Death Stars in real life, he is using his gifts as a storyteller to keep the spirit of the Djedi alive.

He tapped the incredible erudition of the scholar Joseph Campbell to make a film that was not only entertaining, but enlightening.

If you want truly next level learning, read Joseph Campbell's, "The Power of Myth" and the 
"Heroes Journey".

Mr. Campbell's books combined with Mr. Lucas's movies are perhaps the single best tool to help you remember who you are.

The Force has now Awakened, to the tune of over 2 billion dollars at the box office.

It is a perfect title, incredibly on point for our needs. 

This is not surprising, as it was directed by JJ Abrams.
JJ is a genius.

His TV shows "Fringe" "Lost" and many other projects also use recurring signal numbers.

Lost used 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. Those numbers followed around a man who had won millions of dollars in a lottery with them.

In real life, those exact numbers came up in the Mega-Millions Lottery.

The real-life lotto numbers even came out in the same order – 4,8,15,25,47 and 42. 

(A quick tangent, we know that by mentioning the number 42, many people are saying "Wait, isn't that number supposed to be the answer to Life, the universe, and Everything?"

Sure. What's 3 x 2 x 7?

Back to Mr Abrams. Let's bend his real life into the game.

JJ was born on 6/27. His Father is a Gerald, (Herald is another kind of Angel)  and his mom is named Carol AnnHe is married to a Katie. 

Kathleen Kennedy is producer of the Star Wars franchise. 

Mr. Abrams's Television show "Fringe" is another excellent training tool, one designed to open your mind to the advent of entirely new dimensions.

It is a perfect primer for understanding the next level.

The very first scene is about an accident on flight 627.

The show is riddled with 27's. Time does not allow us to show them all now, but here is a photo of  the box that holds the machine that opens portals to the other dimensions.

Somehow the show manages to actually get even more specific to the pattern.

In the image below, the man in green is actually Leonard Nimoy, Spock from Star trek, comforting the man who can save the world. Look at his wrist.

Just in case, that is Spock, sporting a Djed Pillar.

Real life symbol, of real life Djedi's.

Also, Mr. Nimoy left this planet on Febuary 27, 2015. Godspeed good Sir. Your work will be treasured.

Let's sweeten the real life Jedi pot with this.  A real life scientist has discovered a way to turn light into matter, this means he is learning how to make an actual Lightsaber. His name?

Mikhail Lukin.

See for yourself. Link

And also, it took 13 years, but someone finally noticed the Matrix Easter egg deftly woven into Star Wars.

The Woman in Red and the Man who wrote her program also make an appearance in Episode 2, Attack of the clones.

By now you are hopefully able to see that there is a pattern, hidden in Plainsight, easily seen if you are able (and willing) to Recognize it. 

The Auto-key part is perhaps best explained as,  

The existence of the code itself, is the message.

The message is that there is an enormous force of Actual Djedi Rescue Tech's, assembling on planet as we speak.

We are gearing up to initiate the first overt phase of a mission designed to reset the entire planet to the frequency of Love.

It has taken thousands of years of incredibly hard work, by some of the greatest minds in history, but we have succeeded.

We have built a fully functional internet, and so far we have kept it fast and free. This means we can now transmit information at the speed of Light.

We can use this tool to bypass the fear based barriers of ignorance that distance and language have placed between us.

The ability to quickly connect and unite a large number of noble souls means we are in position to re-boot the actual Djedi lineage.

We can create an ideal movement of intelligent action Heroes willing to put actual effort into making the world a better place to be.

We also now have secured the R2 unit that is holding the codes to heal the Deathstar.

So in short, we are ready to launch the Djedi Generation..

If you would like to step up into the role of real world Djedi, please see if you agree with the current operating codes.

A Djedi is someone who is committed to advancing the cause of Love. 

A Djedi refuses to accept enemies, the only adversary is ignorance.

A Djedi respects all peaceful beliefs.

A Djedi will only fight to protect Love.

If that all sounds good to you, here's how you can help. Leave a comment below, expressing your support for this approach.

Also, it is highly recommended that you Start upgrading your fitness levels and nutrition, if need be. You are going to want to be in shape for this. If only for the afterparty.

Watch the films and read the books presented here, so that you can see just how hyper-specific they are in relation to this mission.

Please also listen to the messages they are offering. They hold many of the keys to accomplishing World Peace.

We also urge you to pay for your viewings of the copyrighted content. This serves two purposes. 

Firstly, it keeps the lawyers at bay. :)

More importantly, it send a very clear signal to the powers that be that these are the kinds of stories we are willing to pay for. We will be given higher quality entertainment when we vote for it with our dollars.

Speaking of the powers that Be, many of you have expressed anger at Disney taking over the helm of our favorite story ever.

Relax, it's going to be OK. It actually will be a very good thing. They have a Djedi level magic making machine already in place.

They have also been making some very brave and noble plays in the public discourse department.

We're going to show them how to up-shift their brand from passive entertainment, up into something truly transcendent.

The spirit of the Djedi is a technology that can be used to upgrade the entire planet.

Explaining that will take more time than we have here, but it is very realistic. It's quite simple really, and will also be the most fun we've ever had.

Please know that we had the same concerns, but those have been allayed, because we've now seen their hope for Tomorrow. 

Please go rent "Tommorowland". It is perhaps the bravest, most enlightening Movie since "The Matrix".

Not only do they present, explore and explain tricky meta-dimensional concepts quite elegantly, the movie is holding many Djedi indicator codes.

For example, this is a timer that is featured prominently in the movie. 

Obviously, it adds up to 27. Relax, it gets way better.

Let's try out an exercise. See if you can spot the 27 in this clip from Tomorrowland.

Did you see the C27 on the monitor? Good.

Can you take it deeper?

There is another subtle dimension.

"C" can also be "See" as in someone wants you to See the 27.

That's bordering on Tin-foil hat territory, so let's just make it a bit simpler. C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet.

So that can be easily interpreted as a 327.

So the new Stewards of the official Jedi presence, are already installing the Djedi activator codes.

This is a very encouraging sign. There are also numerous other nods to the Jedi woven into it.

This wonderful film may still be in your Redbox.

Speaking of Red Pill programs distributed via a Redbox, let's have a look at one of their program codes.

That's a lot of 27's. If you just started wondering if this all some elaborate marketing campaign, please know that currently neither Disney nor RedBox, know anything about this mission.

Imagine how surprised they're going to be when they see this. You're welcome Redbox. :)

You can still get the Mockingjay and Tommorowland Via Redbox. Please do. It will help the long game greatly.

It would also be very smart to go back re-read this Key Code as soon as you can.

The earlier occurrences of the pattern in Star Trek, The Matrix, Contact, and Touch are now going to be much more interesting, now that you've seen just how deep the code runs.

Definitely watch the Star Trek next generation episode
"Cause and Effect in it's entirety.

Please try to pay for your viewing if you can. Supporting these artists is a smart thing to do.

Please know that it also imperative that you elevate every aspect of your game ASAP.

  you are going to choose to rep Djedi, you have to honor the Archetype. You have to sky walk the talk. 

If this mission is to succeed, you must speak and act in accordance with the primary Djedi Code at all times. The code we speak of, is this one.

"Does this action bring more Love into the world?"

If yes, continue. 

If not, desist.

That could the key to upgrading to Reality 2.0. 

If we all decide to live by that rule, World Peace will occur almost instantly. That meme is in itself a fully functional Red Pill.

Why is it a "Red" pill?

Violet is the highest/fastest frequency that we can see, and green is traditionally the color that signals it's time to move forward.

So why Red? Doesn't Red mean stop?

Well, keep in mind, that in "The Matrix" the Red Pill was a trace program that identified Neo's personal pod number, a number that started with 27. But that's not it.

Here's why.

If we assign a sequential number value to every letter of the alphabet (A ='s 1, B ='s 2, C ='s 3 and so on...) We get this equation,

R ='s 18
E ='s  5
D ='s  4

That is why the number 27 is the Red Pill.

You're that good Djedi.

Relax, we've got this.

If you can see the value of this project and would like to vote that it gets produced on larger scale, please leave your thoughts in the comment field below.

If you would like to be kept in the know about the latest developments, please send an Email to

Your info will not be shared, data-mined or otherwise abused in anyway. As that sucks, and we refuse to be a part of it. :) 

If you would like to read more about how we're going to use this Medicinal Story Technology to launch an entire Generation of real life Djedi's out into the world, please click here,

Next Level. 

Update: 5/21/16.

RyAN StANgo just brought this to my attention.

The most Djedi presidential candidate would be the one trying to end the fighting.

That is obviously Bernie SANders, and his wife JANe.

And we find it endlessly interesting that the most Djedi candidate has also now based his campaign on the number 27.

This occurs for us as a direct sign that it is now time to get this info-tech out into the public consciousness.

This will be done in the hopes of helping a brave and honorable man gain the highest office in the land.

Right now, this program is way harder to download than it needs to be. most people can no longer read long form.

This makes connecting the dots of the Red Pill Pattern much more challenging.

So the plan is to turn this into a film, and present it all much like a guided meditation. A Djedi Mind Track if you will.

So if you are a film maker and would like to help speed this time sensitive process, please reach out to and let's chat.

This is actually a pretty easy task to accommodate as a VO has already been recorded and we just need some attractive filler to run between the video clips.

If you can and want to help in anyway, please reach out. We could use any and all assistance.

We're a small company overwhelmed with fulfilling the obligations of the SmartSaber training program that we kickstarted a few months ago. 

Thanks so much for your time, it's greatly appreciated.

Update 7/14/16.

All the online systems are now in place. So if you would like the full Digital Red Pill experience, you can now download the Lightsaber training program that's designed to unlock your next level up.

If so, you'll also want to acquire a SmartSaber. This is the most Kinetically Intelligent training saber ever available on this planet.

The SmartSaber turns the deadliest weapon in the galaxy into a teaching tool sharp enough to carve out a more civilized age.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Figuring out how to make all this work has been quite exhausting.

To that end, please know that I just turned down a $200,000 dollar offer to produce the SmartSaber line. This is because I did not feel that the altruism and integrity aspects of the investor were beyond question.

When you see how Kung Flow compliments this program I think you'll see why. By adding in a social scene, we can force-amplify the fun into something truly positive for the greater good.

If you believe in this message, the best way you can help is to share it, and download Kung Flow.

We can fund the future with Lightsabers.



  1. Wow Ryan this is incredible and fun and makes me more trusting towards the entertainment industry, which I love but have become way of their intentions. I will read on.thank you, Dale

  2. still confused by the intensity of recent events but your writings have helped put some things together for me. I'm writing this also in response to the call to action for educators and film makers. please check out . I help Neil host an art club every monday night at a local bar in Encinitas, Ca. 92007.
    Happy to be of help !!!

  3. Thank you for the read Ryan, I have met you once in life and have to say that you are a BRIGHT Djedi, here to make a difference. I am working on my own individual awakening, and the steps that need to be taken in order to be fully activated for the forthcomings of this physical realm that I am present in, right now. An inspiration for me to continue on my path, to say the least. If I lived closer to San Diego, I would indulge in the Mind Lighter classes, unfortunately, I am present in the North Bay. Blessings and Thank you for helping others <3

  4. My name is Alan, and I was born on December 27. I have artistic skills and love the Star Wars movies and mythos. I've always felt very out of place in this world, and annoyed by things most people seem to accept as normal. I've already chosen my outfit for the celebration and have it ready (somehow it seemed vital for me to do so).

    Thanks for the site!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to write such an entertaining blog. I'm here after seeing 327 in "Prometheus"--so you can chalk another movie on your board. 327 is a personal number for me. Appeared in a dream as a kid and I've been occasionally and passively searching for any significance--without looking like a nut, ya know. ;) Much of what you wrote resonates--my first name ends in "an"; as a kid 20 years ago I wanted to be an architect, I took a renowned personality profile 2 months ago that indicated "Guardian"; and I was aware of "327" appearing occasionally in movies. You should take this show on the road--a much better reading than John Edward could give. Thanks again for the entertainment.

    1. Wow, that's pretty wild. That sort of thing also happens quite a bit, what does that mean? Hey, where does the 327 appear in prometheus? Thanks in advance, you'll be saving me quite a bit of time...

    2. Ive taken the kungflow class,... is it wrong to want more,.... because man I feel Like some one left My cell door open! Thank you
      Glen William Prince

  6. Wow...Rif, my dear friend and just blew my mind right now AND warmed my heart...Thank you so much for this! Dalmacio and I were just reading through this and we calculated some numbers of dates between Dalmacio and Andrik and even when Dalmacio and I got married...woahhhh!!! And all 3 of us have AN in our names (Dalmacio's middle name is Dante)...Call us so it can be explained more...

    Thank you for taking the time to break everything down so that we, as ONE can be uplifted!

    Love you,

  7. Thank you.

    I have known I am on this mission for decades now. The number 3 is very prominent in my life.

    Even though my name is Matthew - which means gift from God, people are always calling me Michael.

    I use sound and music to help people self activate.

    I look forward to reading more of your transmission!

    Blessings and peace,

    Matthew Lynn Kocel

  8. I find this truly fascinating. I would like to get the updates and be kept in the loop as to what's going on with this. In the next few weeks I will be watching the movies and reading the books referenced here. I feel that this may be what I've been searching for. I definitely feel it has something to do with me, Michelle Annette Atencio. Myparents DOB: 1/1/44 & 11/11/44. I have always felt this is significant. I could go on an on but first I must research all I have read here today. Thank you for opening a new awareness.

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  18. Sir, this kind of thing is very new, so don't feel bad about not fully grokking it right away. Basically, it all comes to who we choose to be. We can be pimps and gansters, or we can be Jedi's and angels. If we all act like Heroes, the world will improve.

    On the more esoteric front, the pattern is pretty weird. If you spend some time wondering if it's real or not, it forces your mind to think in new directions. Once you realize that your mind can expand, you can have a lot fun blowing your own mind open. We're all way more powerful than we ever dreamed.

  19. I couldn't resist commenting. Very well written!

    Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

  20. Is this going to bring more love into the world? Yes :) That is Easy for anyone to grasp and all that is required is the commitment to it. Without a doubt, this approach on a massive scale, would elevate humanity. There is so much symbolism in numbers and in sacred geometry.
    27 is also a divisible of 108, which has Incredible significance in many traditions. Ancient wisdom about the speed of light and the power that we have to contain it.
    Love the Matrix.. funny, I feel like I have been 'turned on' by some of these movies I've seen and such, only confirming that unsettled wisdom of having no veil on this reality.
    My birthdate adds up to 30/3 and I love what I have learned through numerology so far, very accurate and symbolic. 3 is the number of the 'Divine', the Trinity, the Triangle.
    My name.. hmm. Doesn't fit, but.. ?

    Interesting! Much love = in*joy

    fun story *

  22. I met you when we bought a Christmas tree this year, and you told me my son, Sawyer, was an Indigo Child. I have not been able to stop thinking about this. I look forward to continuing my spiritual journey and that of my family.

    Much Peace and Love to you.

  23. You're so awesome! I don't believe I've truly read something
    like this before. So nice to discover somebody with a few genuine thoughts on this subject matter.
    Really.. thanks for starting this up. This website
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  24. amazing. love this language and your effective explanations. RESONATION! spreading the word now. would love a nice long conversation with you sometime soon!

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. ? Illuminati+ mathematics= 2 much 4 you 2 control 3forall+11 =?

  26. Grechen &amp; MarioMay 27, 2014 at 5:29 PM

    The power of this information has resonated within our frequencies, we are both extremely grateful for this expression of truth, and hope to aid in anyway possible. We believe that as starseeds/ Djedi's, there is a mission of Love, to spread awareness and aid in the conscious evolution happening on planet earth. we are so proud and honored to be a part of this transformational process. I have been very attuned with numbers and sequences, making my own meaning as to what they mean when they appear. The amazing part is knowing that the numbers are the messages in themselves. I want to send you as much light and love because what you are doing is piecing together the meaning for those of us that haven't fully grasped the intricate concepts. Now that you have created a way for us to understand and put our ego aside, it is much easier to surrender to this and let go of what is holding us back. We met a Djedi at Lightning In A Bottle, and knew instantly that this information plays an important role in aligning us with our higher selves.

    Thank you!

    Grechen & Mario

    1. We are here to live, learn, and love selflessly. Once enough of our population has joined us in our selfless beliefs and behavior, we can then eliminate selfish acts from humanity and in turn better our planet. If we all live to server (love) there would be no need to worry about ones self. You would be surrounded by those who are here to better your life, fill it with love and passion, and when necessary defend those who are unable to protect them selves. From stardust we were made and to the dust we shale return, together as one

      Djedi Hart

  27. My spirit craves this thank you friend
    Btw I am an incarnated angel, your writing is like coming home..

  28. Anonymous said...

    Ryan, There are so many things that are clicking right now. My middle name is Ann and my last name is Davis, (Same family as David) My numerology # is 3 and I am a Cancer. Cancers are the care givers. I have always been haunted by the Matrix and DaVinci code among other "What if this was really true" scenarios. The thing is, I come from a place of strict religion and was looking at things from another angle. Years ago, a woman did my numbers. She told me I had 4 peaks in my name and that I was supposed to do something REALLY HUGE in my life. This information will definitely be rolling around my creative head. Mostly, I had an epiphany today. I am in the best place I have ever been in my life, Surrounded by love and yet I have been abusing myself lately. It occurred to me that I have been feeling as though I have no real purpose besides just existing and taking care of my family. ....This just might be the thing I have been feeling but not knowing WHAT it was that I needed. Who knew that day you saw me at that event and you recognized me and said hi, would lead up to this. Thank you. Hugs.

    March 15, 2015 at 10:02 PM

  29. Rif,
    We are truly blessed to have you as one of our leaders! Thank you so much for your selfless work to better the lives around you and the world that we share. Your lessons in person as well as virtually have elevated me to level I did not know was achievable just few years ago. A stillness of my mind, a fullness of my heart, and a embodiment of my soul with lives already passed.

    Im proud to say that I have discovered a new and extremely gifted being of light to add to our ranks why I was traveling South East Asia. I brought with me an extra light saber because I had a premonition that I would meet someone on my journey that was supposed to have it. After spending two weeks with him I had no doubt that he was the being that was in my meditation months before. When I gifted him the light saber we could both feel his vibration amplify, the energy emitting from him was electric!

    I hope that one day I can introduce you two, but I also wouldn't be surprised if you already knew each other! I hope to see you at Lucidity this year Rif!

    "As you think, so shale you become." - Bruce Lee

  30. Wow...very interesting. I too have been struggling with why I am here....struggling to make sense of why people are here. I try to uplift people every chance I get. People around me dont understand why I do it..then it makes me question myself...BUT i CANT HELP MYSELF. Its the only thing that makes me happy.I have never seen any of these movies or read any of the books. Hmmmm...very interesting. I am VERY EXCITED to be a part of this. Just the fact that a card was presented to me, and the person said he saw in my eyes that I was a djedi makes me cry. :-)

  31. Wow...very interesting. I too have been struggling with why I am here....struggling to make sense of why people are here. I try to uplift people every chance I get. People around me dont understand why I do it..then it makes me question myself...BUT i CANT HELP MYSELF. Its the only thing that makes me happy.I have never seen any of these movies or read any of the books. Hmmmm...very interesting. I am VERY EXCITED to be a part of this. Just the fact that a card was presented to me, and the person said he saw in my eyes that I was a djedi makes me cry. :-)

  32. My name is Katherine Jean and I was born on 9/27/1995
    A lot of this resonates with me

  33. Ay Ryan I jus wanted to take the time to say thank you for doing what you do and being an incredibly gifted dreamweaver, your stories resonate with my personal beliefs and have helped me to look past fear and remember my mission. There's been some intense conscious "attacks" in the last few months, jus when everything seemed to be in motion the sickness popped it's head in the picture to say "hello, we're here too, we're watching you, do what you like." It's times like that that can knock one off their balance and throw one for a loop, so I have nothing but gratitude for the words and ideas you spread, if your words are like rock sculptures than you're prolly lightyears ahead of the balance I've achieved, so thanks for spreading the wisdom that leads to flowing with life's transformation man, blessings

  34. We never meet, but You just written a smal part of my life. My name is 7 and I come on the earth as a request on 27.09.1969, even I dont want to come. The world can live without eating anything, without drinking anything, but nobody teach you to do so. They hide ''The Truth'' and almost are believe them trustfully. Do not believe in me, believe in God trustfully.