Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Origin Story:

Ages ago this planet was called the Aerth, and was positioned quite near the center of the galaxy.

The Aerth was known throughout civilized space as the homeworld and training planet of the Djedi, the order of Scholar/Warrior/Magicians tasked with keeping the peace in an ever expanding galaxy.

Those Djedi were pretty much the noble knights you know from the movie with the war in the stars. They were peaceful but powerful, always preferring to use Intelligence over Force.

They served Love above all else.

They were also known for throwing the most epic after-mission after-parties. This was largely due to their strict admission policies. You see, the entire Aerth was reserved exclusively for the education and entertainment of the Djedi.

Only the top 3 students from each planet in the Galaxy were invited to attend the Academy. No one else was even allowed to enter the airspace.

So there were zero douchebags on Aerth.


If you like things that are fun and exciting, it was Heaven.

Everyone treated each other with the utmost respect and honor at all times.

The sky-high signal-to-noise ratio ensured a optimal learning and living environment.

So Life on Aerth was ideal for ages.

Then the Sun exploded.

No one knows why or how it happened, but the Sun and all 9 planets vanished without a trace.

The rescue teams sent in from other systems found only asteroids. Years went by, and not a single clue was found. So the Aerth and all the on-planet Djedi were mourned as lost forever.

Wisely, all the teachings had been backed up and stored in other systems, so the wisdom of the order was not lost.

There was also a large number of Djedi Master Teachers st
ationed on other planets. They were able to rebuild and restore the order.

They took on new students, and by necessity, opened up admissions to Alien species that had not been eligible before.

As wise as the original Djedi were, they were also limited by stifling tradition, and blindly bound by dogma.

It is now held as fact that the Alien Addition  Factor made the order much, much stronger. Along with v
astly increasing the number of highly skilled operators, the diversity of the Aliens provided many powerful new teachings and perspectives. 

So now the Knights are far more numerous, and far more effective than ever before. Under their watchful care, the Galaxy is almost entirely at peace, most systems are thriving and those that are not are being well assisted.

The new Djedi leaders were wise enough to recognize and own the errors of their past.

So in order to honor the lessons they had learned, and to separate themselves from the stifling old ways of the old guard, they upgraded their name to better reflect who they had become.

We chose to self-identify as the Neo-Djedhi, so that is how we shall refer to the Order from this point on out.

That all happened about 6000 years ago. The story of Aerth eventually faded into legend.

Then one day some deep-space prospectors surveying a distant Sun saw an uncharted bright blue/green jewel glittering brightly off in deep space.

In deep space, spotting an unclaimed Blue/Green planet is like winning a billion dollar lottery.

So the mining crew quickly landed a scout-ship to investigate.

The scout team was immediately attacked by a band of primitive humans swinging clubs and throwing stones.

The Prospectors managed to retreat to their shuttle without serious injury, but were quite shaken.

Then a crew member joked about seeing one of the primitives wielding a LightSaber.

Several more of the crew let out shocked gasps, as they too had seen several "Savages" with LightSwords. 

As you know, Lightswords are extremely hard to make. So the Miners were quite curious as to how cavemen had acquired that many.

Then a cursory magnetosphere-spectrum analysis pattern match quickly identified the new planet as the old Aerth.

The 11egacy, (The 11 member Neo-Djedi High Council) was immediately contacted and briefed. 

A fleet of well stocked rescue starships was immediately dispatched to Aerth. And were immediately and viciously attacked upon landing.


All efforts to engage were met with massive violence. The Fleet Commander pulled the ground crew, and ordered all ships into geo-synchronous orbit, far out of sight.

Several intelligence officers were sent down to study the situation. They quickly concluded that the primitives were indeed the descendants of the original Djedi, but that the shock of the explosion had created a culture wide post traumatic stress disorder that they had never fully recovered from.

Their over-powered fight or flight mechanisms had been activated, and never turned off.

So every unknown was perceived as a threat, and met with immediate and expert violence.

Imagine what would happen if Neo and Trinity went feral and started a family...

Most Djedi had banded together in small groups for safety. These shellshocked packs were based entirely on superfluous trivialities such as sex, size, and shape.

Some tribes were so scared they even judged strangers based solely on the color of their skin.

These traumatized Djedi wandered the Aerth in a state of perpetual psychological shock, blindly stumbling through the cognitive fog that clouded their every perception.

To their wounded and distorted minds, every other living thing was a potential enemy or predator. So every time they encountered another group of Djedi, a fight would inevitably ensue.

Hurt Djedi hurt more Djedi, creating even more hurt Djedi, who then hurt even more Djedi.

This vicious circle replicated and repeated, over and over again, blinding 
and binding the Djedi into an invisible prison comprised entirely of illusory fears.

The Aerth bound Djedi have been suffering from this invisible sickness for around 6000 years now.

The 11egacy tried many different approaches to connect with the Djedi and help them heal, but all efforts were met, and crushed, with violent resistance.

The panicking swimmer drowning his life-guard, or a hurt cat clawing his rescuer would be the easiest parallels to draw.

Perhaps the phrase "Emotional Dyslexia" will also shine some light into the matter.

The Neo-Djedhi Medical team refused to leave the scene until every last Djedi was healed. But these troubled souls were the descendants of the fiercest, strongest, most skilled warriors in all existence. So all attempts at embedding ended poorly.

Many brave Medic's lost lives or limbs to these early attempts.

The one attempt at sending in soldiers to enforce order unsurprisingly ended tragically.

The Djedi are just too fierce, too well trained in warfare to ever overpower.

That would only add to the problem anyway. If your house is on fire, you don't call for the guy with the flamethrower. An intelligent solution was needed and so force was the wrong tool for the job.

The 11egacy assembled a team of the Galaxy's elite Neo-Djedhi Healers on the Flagship. Many weeks were spent discussing possible approaches.
Several were deemed potentially successful and were put into motion.

Which brings us to now.

Here's where it starts getting wild. You see, you have somehow found your way to the deepest cover Djedi Recovery Mission.

Not only that, you found the wildest one. And today is 10/17/20. If it's anywhere near that date, you're in very early.

Mission History: After the original cataclysm when the Sun exploded, many of the original Djedi were shaken to their core.

The psychological trauma of losing so many loved ones made it hard for them to keep calm during tense events.

So the Neo-Djedhi Medical Team developed an entirely new division to focus on healing and strengthening the mind and emotions.

The Neo-Djedhi Mind Techs quickly became the hottest assignment available.

Comprised entirely of the most beautiful minds in the galaxy, and motivated by the need to end the suffering of their people, the N-DMT's worked and played at a pace never seen before.

A truly righteous cause and highly attractive, highly skilled co-workers make for a very productive work environment.

Combining their vast knowledge of psychology, technology, and human bio-mechanisms, the Neo-Djedhi Mind Tech's figured out how to access, operate and upgrade the “Operating Systems” of the brain and body.

Their Bio-Hacks applied through a Lightsword training system now codenamed "Kung Flow" is considered to be one of the reasons for the massive upgrade in the efficacy of the order.

If you would like to see what that looks like, here's a quick clip. 

Not only did it vastly accelerate the performance of the Neo-Djedhi's mind's and bodies, it also gave them a way to self-diagnose and correct any emotional errors within themselves. 

So they were able to strip away the self doubt, the jealousy, greed, pettiness and all the other irrational fear based emotions that had hindered humanity for so long. This was a major game changer. The number of Neo-Djedhi seduced away by the Dark Side was reduced to almost Zero.

The end of enemies freed them up to explore new ways of improving life. The Mind Tech's wisely mastered the art of empowering others. This vastly reduced their workload.

As to the Aerth, after seeing the Soldiers and so many other Neo-Djedhi fail, the Mind-Tech's decided they were the best chance for an end to the suffering.

So they purchased a nearby planetoid, (New B
ayou) moved it into the solar system, and established a work-base focused solely on figuring out how to heal the indigenous Djedi.

Only a group as well respected as the Neo-Djedhi Mind Tech's could have proposed a mission that might require thousands of years to complete, and have it be even considered.

But it's good that they did. Because it has now been several thousand years since they first conceived of this plan. So far, this is the only mission that is succeding.

The Djedi Recovery Mission (D.R.M.) was considered a long-shot, but somehow, some way, it has been completely successful. Against all odds, every aspect of the plan has been laid successfully. The only challenge left now, is how to properly activate you.

Yes. You.

If you're reading this, it's most likely because an Awake Neo-Djedhi recognized you as Neo-Djedhi, and thought this might help you remember who you are. If you somehow found your way here on your own, that's even more impressive.

The truth is, you are One.

This world needs you now. 

Your actions define your role and your status. 

If you resonate with this plan, share it with your friends. 

There is a strength in numbers. And this new Role is a great way to bypass the baggage of the past, and create powerful new connections.

                       Take the Digital Red Pill.

                  View the Digital Red Pill Movie.

                           Take the Blue Pill. 

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