Thursday, June 27, 2013

Step 1. Welcome in.

Hi, I'm Ryan Rif Parks. I am an addiction and trauma recovery counselor, and this site was built to be of service in this exact crash.

We've been divided.

This project is to bring us all together like Jedi, Angels, Gryffindors, etc so that we can transcend race, color, class, and creed, and form a critical mass of people who can achieve consensus and then implement effective solutions.

For some of you, it's designed to help you start to accessing and unlocking the next level skills you have acquired in past lives.

Yes, that's very real. And very fun... :)

Oh? If you feel like you were sent here on a Quest?

This was made for you. I picked up on the codes in 2003. This story was written in 2013. It weaves into our current reality in very strange ways.

Good news. It's working. The feedback has been phenomenal, so here we go. Please give this your time.

btw? I Pre-Quarantined myself way out in the high desert on 12/27/19 because I saw this coming.

I saw this exact crisis coming in 2008. I was born into one of the ancient Masonic lineages, so I've been on the inside for far too long.

I've been working on solutions non-stop ever since.

One of the things we most need to do right now is bring people together.

If we all put aside our differences and work together, we can not only get through this, we can actually unlock a much better world.

After much study, the best way to accomplish this is by making it fun.

And we can make it fun by gaming it.

We all now have the opportunity to rise up into the role of real life Intelligent Action Heroes, just by being kind and helpful.

The Digital Red Pill was designed to give you a way to play the rest of your life as a Hero.

It creates a new fictional narrative that you can overlay onto your real life, in a way that makes every day life feel like you're the star of an epic adventure rescue quest story.

It makes leveling up your life feel like you're the star of a SuperHero movie.

For the record, this approach has helped numerous addicts kick hardcore addictions. One kid walked away from Heroin overnight.

'll explain the dry psychology of how it all works later. For now I think these words from a World of Warcraft GameMaster will let you know if this project is worth 27 more minutes of your reading time.

If you like The Matrix, DeadPool, The X-Men, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Star Trek, Avengers, Harry Potter, and/or especially Assassin's Creed, I would definitely suggest you dive deep into this.

It should make you very happy. The set-up takes some time, but it gets pretty wild at the end, so stick with it.

I wrote this in 2013. It's on Blogspot. Blogspot is ancient, so it's going to be bare bones on a smartphone.

But please don't get hung up on aesthetics. It's the message that matters here. Please forgive the lack of visual cool factor.

This should prove to be exciting for you.

The DRP will be much, much better served on a bigger screen.

If you can't read long form, a (very) rough video version is linked below.

The story starts on the next page, so the tone of the writing will shift up into something that sounds much more movie/game like.

Have fun with it, and thank you for your time.

                                                         Click this link to begin.

Copyright 11/11/2015. The intellectual property of this work is the sole property of the Author, Ryan Rif Parks. In the very unlikely event of his death, this technology is to become completely open source, and deeded wholly over to the entirety of the public, in perpetuity.

As in it's fully free forever.

You are encouraged to share this link freely.

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