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Step 1. Welcome in.

This site contains a way that you can change the world with your Lightsaber skills.

Bold opening, right? Well, let's take it even further.

Many of you will actually get well paid to help upgrade the real world, in real time. With your Lightsaber skills.

Here's a quick clip to establish some cred in the saber skills department.

Hi. My name is Ryan Rif Parks. I'm an addiction and trauma recovery specialist.

I've taught after-school Ed. in Compton, and I spent 2 years as the Rec. Therapist at a $30,000 a month dual-diagnosis drug rehab for high risk teens.

Over and over again, kids from both groups would tell me that:

"I feel like I'm supposed to be on some sort of Mission, but don't know what it is." 

Being both an opportunist and a storyteller, I decided to create one for them.

I use the Lightsaber as the teaching tool for Kung Flow, my personal empowerment program. So "Jedi" was a logical starting point. 

So I started researching the Jedi lore. In doing so, I stumbled across something fascinating. As it turns out there is at least somewhat of a historically factual basis for the concept.
I found articles that state that there was an actual order of ancient Egyptian Scholar/Warrior/Magicians who would incarnate onto the planet in times of turmoil, in order to provide stability and return the land to peace and prosperity.

They were called "the Djedhi" 

This was their symbol. It's called a "Djed Pillar". 

Looks a lot like a Lightsaber hilt, doesn't it?

Funny thing, it is. If you make that shape out of the right kind of metals, it creates what's called a "Pile Battery". So if that part on top was an LED, it would shine light out the top.

Just like a Lightsaber.

That coincidence made the story real enough to earn the attention of my clients.

But here's the important piece. 

The best part about those ancient Egyptian Djedi is that they were 

"self-selecting". As in anybody who wanted to be of service could join.

That creates an incredibly beneficial self-fulfilling prophecy.

We can use this legend to offer people a way to self-identify as the next incarnation of those ancient peacekeepers.

This fictional overlay will make getting the planet back on track feel like we're all playing the best video game ever.

As an example, I now self-identify as a "Neo-Djedhi Mind Tech".

In my frame of the game, I'm part of a team of elite Jedi style medical professionals, working deep undercover as part of a mission designed to stabilize a world in crisis.

Neo-Djedhi healers are trying to generate more Djedhi Healers so that we can heal the Sith.

That's the big note. Instead of playing the Warrior, we're playing the Medics. That archetypal shift is a game changer.

Warriors are never going to end Wars. That approach hasn't worked for over 6000 years now.

So if we make Super-Healer the new Super-Hero, we could actually end the cycles of suffering and actually be able to enjoy life.

In the frame of the game, everyone on planet is a Djedhi, and deserves as much love and help as they need.

 A simple shift, but world changing.

Mostly because it makes putting in the hard work feel like it's part of an epic adventure rescue quest movie.

My job is often quite frustrating. I deal with broken people who abuse me out of habit. Enduring this abuse is much easier when I'm in game mode. Practicing patience and compassion actually can feel heroic. This keeps me going.

There's also some really beneficial subtle psychology at work. 

The Djedi Generation Game also gave the addicted kids at the clinic a way to take the tragedy and trauma of their past, and turn it all into fuel for an epic super-hero origin story.

This recontextualization creates a neat bypass around the guilt/shame/helplessness that usually gums up the recovery process.

We need to put some work into our planet. I'd like to suggest we make a game of it.

We can re-boot the Real Life Legend of the Djedhi.

We can all step up into the role of real life Neo-Djedhi, just by choosing to be a force for good.

If we can get enough people to play the Neo-Djedhi Generation Game, we can attract, unify, and focus a Force so powerfully kind, it can help get the entire world back on track.

I'll explain the dry psychology of how it all works later. For now I think
these words from a World of Warcraft GameMaster will let you know if this project is worth 27 more minutes of your time.

If you liked The Matrix, Star Wars, Star Trek, The X-Men, The Hunger Games, Avengers, Harry Potter, and/or especially Assassin's Creed, I would definitely suggest you dive deep into this.

It should make you very happy. The set-up takes some time, but it gets pretty wild at the end, so stick with it.
Perhaps consider this an open invitation to join DumbleMorpheus's Army, and become The Harry One.

(Sorry. I know that joke is awful, but I've groan quite fond of it.)

Here's the funny thing. Kung Flow will actually use math and science to create a working proof that your brain already has Jedi level intel inside as we speak.

True story. Your brain is well over a million times more powerful than a super-computer. Kung Flow will also give you a way to put that vast power into play.

I know it's dark and scary out now, but we absolutely can bring the world back into the light.

You can do anything you set your unlocked mind to. So if we come together like Jedi, we can accomplish anything.

I promise you that.

Sincerely, Ryan Rif Parks.

IMPORTANT NOTE. This site is not optimized for mobile. If you can, view it on a bigger screen.

Also, this literally read version of the DRP requires the ability to focus and read a fair amount of text. 

I'd suggest you take a break, turn off your phone, get some snacks, and prep for this. It should prove to be unlike anything you've ever read before, so please set yourself up to succeed. 

The game/story engine starts on the next page, so the tone of the writing will shift into something way more movie/game like.

Have fun with it, and thank you for your time.

                                                               Click this to begin.

Copyright 11/11/2015. The intellectual property of this work is the sole property of the Author, Ryan Rif Parks. In the event of his death, this technology is to become completely open source, and deeded wholly over to the public in perpetuity. As in it's free forever.

You are encouraged to share this link freely.

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