Thursday, June 27, 2013

Step 1. Welcome in.

The Digital Red pill is a Medicinal Story Technology that installs an 
Archetype Elevation Program into our Cultural Operating Systems, generating an entire generation of real life Intelligent Action Heroes.

In this instance, archetype refers to the character we  choose to "play" as we navigate reality.

One of our major problems as a culture is that for some reason we have been glorifying the gangsters and pimps, and not the Heroic archetypes. 

In order to play the gangster, we have to do gangster things. Gangsters steal, cheat, lie, extort and abuse. Pimps are obviously even worse. But these have been our role models for so long...

If enough of us elevate our Archetype to something truly Heroic, the world will change in the blink of a Jedi.

(Many of you already are. THANK YOU!) 

Right now, we are a nation divided across class, color, creed, and party lines. We can't get anything done because we're just too scattered. 

We need something to bring us together.

The DRP was designed to create a new real life superhero Archetype for us to play together, in order to create a critical mass of noble souls who can help America heal, grow, and prosper together.

One without baggage, scandal, or dogma.

One that includes all good people, in a way that is both empowering, and entertaining. We can actually make getting America back on track feel like the best video game ever. 

The DRP is designed to give us a way to co-create our own real life version of Dumbeldore's Army, a Neo-Jedi order, or whatever your favorite super group is.

The DRP does that so well, it has been suppressed and actively sabotaged since 2013.

True story. It's been a living hell just trying to share this new idea with you. 

I'll spare you the sob story, but let's just say death threats have become tedious. Physical attacks are also getting old. This should be in a movie format by now, but everyone who offered to help got threatened away from this project. 

Because it works. And the Darthside does not want us uniting. That ends their game.
Hence all the sabotages,

Sorry, for the melodrama, but I really hope to earn your time and attention. This is being received extremely well by strangers, so the idea/concepts are being imparted properly.

So I've started pushing this program again, because it was built for this exact crash. I saw this coming long ago, (2008) and have been building systems designed to bypass the problems  ever since.

This project is lighting people up inside, and they are excited about becoming the next level of superhero, a SuperHealer.  

So we're launching, regardless of the consequences.

I should probably introduce myself...

Hi, I'm Ryan Rif Parks. I am an addiction and trauma recovery counselor. And I'm very good at what I do. Because I really care about people. 

We're going to talk about you being a real life Djedi or Angel, so I'd like to show you some LightSword skills in hopes of earning some cred. 

BTW? I help people heal PTSD by showing them how to spin a LightSword like a boss. I'm an effective healer because I make recovery fun.

And there is a way to end this madness, and unlock a whole new level of life. And actually have a really good time doing so. 

We've been divided.

But not conquered. All we have to do is get enough good hearted people united and focused on healing and mutual empowerment.

There's a strength in numbers. We just need enough heart based people on the same page.

The best way to accomplish that goal is to gamify it. Let's make it fun.

For some of you, it's designed to help you start to accessing and unlocking the next level skills you have acquired in countless past lives.

Yes, that's very real. And very fun... :)

Reality is far more multi-dimensional, malleable, and actually magical than I could have believed just 20 years ago. This project is designed to help expand the mind. You're going to see some unbelievable coincidences and synchronicities. 

But they're all provable. Assimilating the actuality of this new information will require your mind to expand. This is win. Because once you realize your mind can expand, you can unlock some really exciting new skills and abilities.

Reality is malleable. And magic is as real as you allow it to be. As we go along, we'll dive deep into that. For now, this will be a good start.

Oh? If you feel like you were sent here on a Quest?

This was made for you. Apparently long, long ago.

Ancient Egyptian Djedi and Nikola Tesla keep weaving into it in such strange ways...

As does pretty much every movie about Awakening. Especially The Matrix and Star Wars.

I picked up on the 1111, 17, and 27 codes in 2003.  Those numbers haunted me incessantly. So much so I spent the entirety of  the last 17 years figuring out why.

And those numbers now weave prominently into our current reality in some very strange ways.

I thought I wrote the DRP as a fiction for my teen-aged rehab clients as way to turn all their tragedy and trauma into fuel for an epic superhero origin story.

Much to my surprise, it all keeps coming true. 

In some startlingly obvious ways, once you know the codes that are hidden in plain sight.

It will get highly meta-physical. You will see some facts that seem impossible. But it's all true.  Keeping an open mind  and employing Mental flexibility will be most helpful.

To that end, you also now have fully free access to Kung Flow, a bo staff and Lightsword fitness training program that will help you learn how to massively enhance the athletic performance of your body.

By upgrading the Operating System of your brain. 

(Yes, your brain has an Operating System. Has to, otherwise it wouldn't operate. ;) )

Here's where it gets wild. 

Science Fact:

Your brain is already a million times more powerful than a supercomputer. 


True story. This intel is perhaps the number one component "they" really did not want me to share with you. You already possess a million times more raw processing power than a supercomputer. 

You're currently rocking around 120,000,000,000,000,000 calculations per second. 

You're that good my friend.

You can do anything you set your unlocked mind to. All you have to do is strip out the crap programs we got saddled with, and learn how to engage the power of your subconscious mind. 

Long complex conversation, but will explain it.

I know how that all sounds. That's why Kung Flow is yours to explore, for free. All you need is a broomstick. No obligation, no risk. The work will speak for itself. 

Kung Flow combined with the DRP makes leveling up your life and helping heal America feel like you're the star of a SuperHero movie.

(Unspoiler alert: You are. )

For the record, this approach has helped numerous addicts kick hardcore addictions.

Addiction and PTSD are basically software issues. Easily fixed. Again, I know how this sounds, and that's why both Kung Flow and The Digital Red Pill are fully free.

Kung Flow and The Digital Red Pill are designed to be combined into a fitness program and lifestyle sport that brings good people together like Jedi and Angels.

'll explain the dry psychology of how it all works later. For now I think these words from a World of Warcraft GameMaster will let you know if this project is worth 27 more minutes of your reading time.

If you like The Matrix, DeadPool, The X-Men, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Star Trek, Avengers, Harry Potter, and/or especially Assassin's Creed, I would definitely suggest you dive deep into this.

It should make you very happy. The set-up takes some time, but it gets pretty wild at the end, so stick with it.

I wrote this in 2013. It's on Blogspot. Blogspot is ancient, so it's going to be bare bones on a smartphone.

But please don't get hung up on aesthetics. It's the message that matters here. Please forgive the lack of visual cool factor.

This should prove exciting for you.

And if your name is Anna, Michael, Michelle, David, Katy or if you have an "An" anywhere in your name, PLEASE READ. It's about you. 

If you see the numbers 3, 17, 1111, 27 or especially 327 please read. You picked up on something truly next level. 

And I will explain why so many people see the number 1111.

The DRP will be much, much better served read/viewed on a bigger screen.

If you would rather not read something long form, a (very) rough video version is linked here. This version is not as up to date as the written version, but it will impart the majority of the message.

The story starts on the next page, so the tone of the writing will shift up into something that sounds much more movie/game like.

If you're on the fence about continuing, just skip ahead to step 3, the Key-code. That will light you up. It bends pop-fiction into reality in some very wild ways. 

Have fun with it, and thank you so much for your time.

                                                         Click this link to begin.

Copyright 11/11/2013. The intellectual property of this work is the sole property of the Author, Ryan Rif Parks. In the very unlikely event of his death, this technology is to become completely open source, and deeded wholly over to the entirety of the public, in perpetuity.

As in it's fully free forever.

You are encouraged to share this link freely.

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