Thursday, June 27, 2013

Step 1. Welcome in.

This site contains a way that you can change the world with your Lightsaber skills.

Bold opening, right? Well, let's take it even further.

Many of you will actually get well paid to help upgrade the real world, in real time. With your Lightsaber skills.

Here's a quick clip to establish some cred in the saber skills department.

Hi. My name is Ryan Rif Parks. I'm an addiction and trauma recovery specialist.

I've taught after-school Ed. in Compton, and I spent 2 years as the Rec. Therapist at a $30,000 a month dual-diagnosis drug rehab for high risk teens.

Over and over again, kids from both groups would tell me that:

"I feel like I'm supposed to be on some sort of Mission, but don't know what it is." 

Being both an opportunist and a storyteller, I decided to create one for them.

I use the Lightsaber as the teaching tool for Kung Flow, my personal empowerment program. So "Jedi" was a logical starting point. 

So I started researching the Jedi lore. In doing so, I stumbled across something fascinating. As it turns out there is at least somewhat of a historically factual basis for the concept.
I found articles that state that there was an actual order of ancient Egyptian Scholar/Warrior/Magicians who would incarnate onto the planet in times of turmoil, in order to provide stability and return the land to peace and prosperity.

They were called "the Djedhi" 

This was their symbol. It's called a "Djed Pillar". 

Looks a lot like a Lightsaber hilt, doesn't it?

Funny thing, it is. If you make that shape out of the right kind of metals, it creates what's called a "Pile Battery". So if that part on top was an LED, it would shine light out the top.

Just like a Lightsaber.

That coincidence made the story real enough to earn the attention of my clients.

But here's the important piece. 

The best part about those ancient Egyptian Djedi is that they were 

"self-selecting". As in anybody who wanted to be of service could join.

That creates an incredibly beneficial self-fulfilling prophecy.

We can use this legend to offer people a way to self-identify as the next incarnation of those ancient peacekeepers.

This fictional overlay will make getting the planet back on track feel like we're all playing the best video game ever.

As an example, I now self-identify as a "Neo-Djedhi Mind Tech".

In my frame of the game, I'm part of a team of elite Jedi style medical professionals, working deep undercover as part of a mission designed to stabilize a world in crisis.

Neo-Djedhi healers are trying to generate more Djedhi Healers so that we can heal the Sith.

That's the big note. Instead of playing the Warrior, we're playing the Medics. That archetypal shift is a game changer.

Warriors are never going to end Wars. That approach hasn't worked for over 6000 years now.

So if we make Super-Healer the new Super-Hero, we could actually end the cycles of suffering and actually be able to enjoy life.

In the frame of the game, everyone on planet is a Djedhi, and deserves as much love and help as they need.

 A simple shift, but world changing.

Mostly because it makes putting in the hard work feel like it's part of an epic adventure rescue quest movie.

My job is often quite frustrating. I deal with broken people who abuse me out of habit. Enduring this abuse is much easier when I'm in game mode. Practicing patience and compassion actually can feel heroic. This keeps me going.

There's also some really beneficial subtle psychology at work. 

The Djedi Generation Game also gave the addicted kids at the clinic a way to take the tragedy and trauma of their past, and turn it all into fuel for an epic super-hero origin story.

This recontextualization creates a neat bypass around the guilt/shame/helplessness that usually gums up the recovery process.

We need to put some work into our planet. I'd like to suggest we make a game of it.

We can re-boot the Real Life Legend of the Djedhi.

We can all step up into the role of real life Neo-Djedhi, just by choosing to be a force for good.

If we can get enough people to play the Neo-Djedhi Generation Game, we can attract, unify, and focus a Force so powerfully kind, it can help get the entire world back on track.

I'll explain the dry psychology of how it all works later. For now I think
these words from a World of Warcraft GameMaster will let you know if this project is worth 27 more minutes of your time.

If you liked The Matrix, Star Wars, Star Trek, The X-Men, The Hunger Games, Avengers, Harry Potter, and/or especially Assassin's Creed, I would definitely suggest you dive deep into this.

It should make you very happy. The set-up takes some time, but it gets pretty wild at the end, so stick with it.
Perhaps consider this an open invitation to join DumbleMorpheus's Army, and become The Harry One.

(Sorry. I know that joke is awful, but I've groan quite fond of it.)

Here's the funny thing. Kung Flow will actually use math and science to create a working proof that your brain already has Jedi level intel inside as we speak.

True story. Your brain is well over a million times more powerful than a super-computer. Kung Flow will also give you a way to put that vast power into play.

I know it's dark and scary out now, but we absolutely can bring the world back into the light.

You can do anything you set your unlocked mind to. So if we come together like Jedi, we can accomplish anything.

I promise you that.

Sincerely, Ryan Rif Parks.

IMPORTANT NOTE. This site is not optimized for mobile. If you can, view it on a bigger screen.

Also, this literally read version of the DRP requires the ability to focus and read a fair amount of text. 

I'd suggest you take a break, turn off your phone, get some snacks, and prep for this. It should prove to be unlike anything you've ever read before, so please set yourself up to succeed. 

The game/story engine starts on the next page, so the tone of the writing will shift into something way more movie/game like.

Have fun with it, and thank you for your time.

                                                               Click this to begin.

Copyright 11/11/2015. The intellectual property of this work is the sole property of the Author, Ryan Rif Parks. In the event of his death, this technology is to become completely open source, and deeded wholly over to the public in perpetuity. As in it's free forever.

You are encouraged to share this link freely.

Step 4. What happens now?

Ok Hero, here's what's happening now, in real life.Looks like we're finally ready for launch. is open and able to get you started on regaining your legendary lightsaber skills.

I kept the price super low at $3.99, so you can get going. I also added in tutorials that show how to easily assembly some surprisingly capable training sabers for $17 bucks.

8/12/17 update. We are meeting with Disney soon. Your purchase of the tutorial helps me greatly with that aspect. Thank you!

There's a ton of really tricky psychology to master when re-booting an actual order of real life Djedi like yourselves. I think I've got about 80% of it figured out now, and I'm confident people like you will fill in the gaps.

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, you're stoked. I just scouted the Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica. They added a bunch of equipment, and a lot of slacklines. There's also a grassy area where some seriously impressive acrobats flip and fly. So many cool people pulling off Jedi level skills.

This will be the perfect place to locate the epic center of the saber based social scene. I'm leaning toward calling it "Light Club".

This will be a Modern Day Knight Class. A space where we teach each other how to level up every aspect of our lives, so that we can effectively make the world a better place to be. 

I'm quite confident that as people see the lightsabers in action, and hear how Kung Flow is ending addictions, that we're going to attract a large number of talented performers and future instructors.

I've been working Knight and Day on this project since 2003. Seriously. It's so exciting to finally be able to launch. When you see what Phase 3 and 4 bring, you'll understand why I've been so methodical about lining everything up perfectly. It's like nothing I've ever seen before.

This guy, and the millions of other good people like him are the reason why it was worth all the struggle. 

If we do this right, and unite the moden day Knight types, we can bring a lot of light into the real world with this. We can actually get the whole world back on track. I know how that sounds. I also know that as I'm able to present the whole plan properly, you'll see just how beautifuly simple it all is.

If anything here has earned your interest, I'd like to request your help. I finally secured the high powered start up adviser I need, and we're getting ready to bring Kung Flow to market. There's massive money in selling sabers now, and we also have the fitness market on lock. I've recently turned down multiple offers in the $250,000 range into Kung Flow. So this is a thing.

We're going to try to retain as much control of the company as possible. This ensures that our policy of people before profits remains the priority. I'm going to need a lot of help to make this happen though.

Right now, what I've been told to do is gather as many email addresses as possible. If you go to, there is a button at the bottom of the page. Please enter your email there. It will also be a huge help if you reach out to your friends and tell them about what we're building.

Phase 1 focuses on Kung Flow, SmartSabers and the KnightLight.

SmartSabers are the smartly padded training Sabers that will allow you to enjoy the process of acquiring the ability to unlock big new saber skills at Lightspeed.  So much of your processing power is sucked away by fear. And rightfully so, it is a weapon after all. Learning on a lightweight, padded staff is the fast track to epic skill status.

There is a tiny but mighty factory building SmartStaffs right now. If you're excited about any of what we're building, I'd highly recommend acquiring this tool ASAP. Direct link to the shop here.

The KnightLights are being prototyped as we speak. These will be by far and away the most high performance spinning sabers ever offered on this planet. The screen accurate Lightsabers look great. Our swords are designed to make YOU look awesome. :)

(Just FYI, the generous genius building the Prototype is named Zachary Knight. How perfect is that for the DRP pattern?)

Kung Flow is currently up online as a downloadable tutorial. It's admittedly rough, but people are reporting that the mental techniques are being imparted properly, and are helping them level up. This is good because it means the performers/instructors can start studying the approach so as to have a head start when Phase 2 kicks in. 

The more people that purchase the Kung Flow download and/or a SmartStaff, the better it is for the bigger picture. That shows potential partner/investors actual traction. The more we have, the more control we retain. So your early support is incredibly helpful, and massively appreciated.

Phase 2 will be The Digital Red Pill and Djedhi Generation.

Djedi Generation is the community of people who want to be part of the Djedi Recovery Mission. I'll get into this more as I can, but please know that I launched a beta test of this concept a few years ago, and the results were awesome.

Turns out when you gather 72 service oriented people, your party goes perfectly. We threw some epic events, and a group of total strangers co-created a community that quickly felt like family.

If we can scale this up properly, it's going to solve a lot of problems, and make a lot of lives much brighter.

I need to attend other pressing matters right now, but I'll buff this up as soon as I can. Thanks! 

Step 3. The Key Code.

Ready Djedhi? 

The first step is to help you remember who you truly are. In order to accomplish this, we're going to unveil the Real Life Legend of the Djedhi, a secret very well kept for several thousand years now.

I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Ryan Parks on Aerth, known as Rifion Angle everywhere else, but call me Rif.

Rif note. Only one "F" in Rif. That way it's only half as cheesy as it sounds out loud.

Rif note: Every now and again I'll pipe in to clarify something from the Aerth perspective. I was born here, but woke up early. 

I am currently the Acting Officer of this mission. Don't be impressed. I am a Neo-Djedhi Mind Tech, but just a Captain, and a fairly new one at that. Nothing special.

But so far, I'm one of the very few who has managed to remember much of the mission. The C
aptain's bars make me the ranking officer. As soon as someone who outranks me wakes up, I will happily turn over command to them. 

Truth be told, I'll be relieved. I'm in way over my head here. 

Here's the outline of the Neo-Djedi Recovery Mission, as best I remember it.

I know I have zero credibility with you right now, so I'm hoping my Lightsaber skills will provide a small measure of street cred.

Please watch this knowing that you're most likely way better at this than I am.

About 2500 years ago, The N-DMT's parked their planetoid behind the moon and started working on solutions.

Knowing we could not land on the Aerth, we realized we could only heal the Djedi from the inside out.

So we studied the science of the Soul. We learned how to keep our consciousness intact after physical death, (Force Ghosts.) and then how to implant our ready-to-be-reborn souls into the host Mother of our choice.

Mastering this part of the process required a lot of pregnancies and therefore generated an astronomical number of Neo-Djedhi.

Rif note: Titled "InConception" this study is also considered to be the most fun anyone has ever had while on official assignment.

Having mastered pinpoint conception, We started incarnating onto the 
Aerth, as infant Djedi. This was so we could grow up inside the defense mechanisms, and begin the healing process without incurring the hurt-cat-backslash effect.

We felt that in a generation or two, we would be able to calm down the inter-tribal squabbles, and act as ambassadors that would help welcome in the nearby starships that contained the solutions to all of the pressing problems.

We were wrong.

We found that we could usually incarnate exactly when and where we wanted to, but once we were born, we had very little to no access of our memories of life outside of 

Life was just too harsh, too chaotic, too violent to do anything other than just try to survive.

We/you would live usually short, painful lives.We had full remembrance of our time on Aerth, and so you uploaded everything you learned during that life into the central database, and then dove right back in again.

Over time, some of us were able to maintain our sense of self while locked into life on Aerth. A few could even communicate directly with Mission Control through meditation. But those with that gift quickly learned to keep quiet, as those "heretics" were always abused.

The Science of Intelligent Incarnation is fascinating and incredibly helpful to grok, as the over amplified fear of death is what keeps most people from ever truly living. But now is not the time or place for that.

What's important in this moment is that you start to remember all you've already accomplished.

Know that you have incarnated into many, many lives of great importance.

Over and over again, you have inserted yourself into history, as the Djedi, the Druids, The Knights Templar, the Knights of the Round Table, Robin Hood and the Merry Men, Hashasheen's, (AKA Assassin's, as in Creed.) or any of the myriad other titles ascribed to those noble heroes willing to take intelligent action on behalf of the greater good.

This is where it gets interesting. You can actually Google this for yourself. Use  the terms "Djedi Warrior", or "Djed Pillar".

If you do, you'll learn that "Jedi" is not just something that the much esteemed Mr. Lucas made up for Star Wars. In our real life, the term "Djedi" goes all the way back to ancient Egypt.

According to legend, the Djedi were an order of Scholar/Warrior/magicians who would incarnate onto the planet in times of turmoil, in order to provide stability, and return peace and prosperity to the land.

(Credit for the basis of that info goes to Moira Timm and Adam Apollo.)

The Djedi were known as "the stable ones", and would help the citizens resolve conflicts and source elegant solutions to technical problems. This was their symbol, it's called a Djed Pillar.

This one is currently housed in the British museum, it dates back to about 500 BC. Please take note of just how much it looks like a Lightsaber hilt.

Rif note: I have made my living with Firesabers since 2005. In 2007 I designed a specialized saber called a Contact Sword. 

It looks pretty much exactly like that Djed Pillar. The crucial centermark is even in the exact right spot.

This was 5 years before I knew of the existence of the historical basis of the Djedi, or the Djed Pillar.

True story. 

Ok, we're now at the part where it gets wild.

If you make that shape out of the right kind of metals and electrolytes, it makes what's called a "Pile Battery".

Meaning that it could/would shine light out of the top.

I'll ask you to think about the fact that in real life, there are fully functioning, lightsaber shaped flashlight schematics carved onto Temples by people called "The Djedi". 

The ancient Djedi also used the Pillar ceremonially. They would erect a large version of this symbol Iwo-Jima style, to symbolize the triumph of intellect over ignorance.

Rif note: Speaking as a Djedhi Mind Tech
, the part of your mind that may have been programmed to believe that things like this are "Too good to be true" may now kick on, and steer you away. 

I honor that. It is pretty wild. Go if you must. Stay if you can. We need all available operators online ASAP. Numbers are critical at this early juncture.

Remember, there's just no way this won't sound very strange. But time is of the essence, so here we go.

You're either One of the indigenous Djedi lineage, or there's about a 1 in 7 chance you're one of the Neo-Djedhi Rescue Techs here on mission.

Either way, you are being officially requested to help us to hack the Matrix of illusory fear that has plagued this planet for millennia.

If you are interested, know that we can now use computer technology to prove that you are one of the strongest, brightest, sharpest souls in the entire galaxy.

We can also use a
 new kind of advanced learning technology to help you regain your legendary Lightsaber skills. 

We'll then show you how to use them to light other people up inside, and inspire them to reconnect with their inner Neo-Djedi.

We are also committed to creating careers for people who choose to self identify as Neo-Djedhi Medics.

(Rif note: This is me at work.) 

Like I said, I'm just a Captain. Nothing special.

So you can absolutely create that career for yourself. And you'll have me and the rest of the team helping you as much as we can.

Know that you are not alone. You are an integral part of the most powerful force ever assembled.


Well, remember when we spoke of the INCONCEPTION operation that was tasked with Mastering pinpoint incarnation?

Well, imagine how many Neo-Djedhi signed up for a high priority mission that focused solely on studying procreation.

It was ...popular.

To say the least. 
Good times.
Our numbers increased exponentially, and the children of New B
ayou were raised by an entire planetoid of Neo-Djedhi Mind Techs. 

Rif note: N-DMT's are widely held to be the most fun and effective parents in the galaxy.

Imagine having a hybrid of Gandalf, Morpheus, Professor X, and Deadpool for a Mom.

Needless to say, the N-DMT's produced an exceptionally strong and large generation of Neo-Djedhi.

Then the unwise implementation of Atomic weapons forced us to significantly rush our timetable, and EVERYBODY left the base and started incarnating onto Aerth.

We do not know the exact number of Neo-Djedhi Rescue Techs who managed to incarnate in time, but we do know it's around a billion.

Rif note: Yup, there's close to a billion of the most kickass Rebel Medics, Teachers, Techs, Reneguardians and Lightsaber instructors ever assembled on planet, as we speak.

That, is why we're so confident in the success of this mission.

All we have to do now, is Find The Others, and help them wake up.

If you are reading this, it's because someone recognized you. At this early stage, it's most likely you're Neo-Djedhi.

Somebody saw something that led them to believe you are One of those noble Heroes that responded to the call to intelligent action.

I know that this must seem strange for you, to be singled out as one of the strongest souls in the galaxy.

But it's true, and you are going to have to find your pride if we are ever to revive the children of the corn syrup.

Remember, none of us are the singular "Chosen One".

Those of us On Mission are merely the one's who choose to serve.

Rif note: No one is The One, until we All are.

Given that every last person on the planet is a Djedi, the willingness to work for the greater good and a strict adherence to Integrity are the only requirements for joining this Team.

Rif note: Everything is awesome when you're part of a team. 

We need you to remember that long, long time ago, you bravely incarnated onto this planet as part of a mission to hack the Matrix of Illusory Fear that has plagued this planet for millennia.

You did this knowing that you would most likely forget everything about your mission, your force powers, your special skills, and most likely even your own identity.

You also knew it would hurt. A lot.

You and all your friends went in anyway.

You have been doing this for thousands of years now.

You have long been part of a team of Warrior Artists and Rebel Educators.

Natural Born Healers diligently doing whatever you could to raise consciousness on this planet.

Some of you invented algebra, some of you built telegraphs. Some of you cured small-pox. Some were Sheriffs. All put forth incredible effort.

at the time of this writing, out of almost a billion active duty Neo-Djed, not one single soul has left the Aerth.

Rif note: It is an honor to serve along side you.

You have done very well Neo-Djedhi. Very, very well indeed.

The Ki-Tech's have now achieved a fast, free Internet. This is the game changer we've been waiting for.

We can now communicate at the speed of light.

We are now able to transmit the information that is the antidote to the invisible sickness that has plagued the Earth for centuries.

We could not have gotten here without you. You have played a far bigger role than you currently know.

Rif note: When you're 
able to step outside this 3D reality, you're going to have a blast reviewing your resume. It's a kick.

Now that you have some idea of who you actually are, we're ready to take a look at the Digit
al Red Pill Pattern and show you how to identify the activation codes.

This is one of the pieces of advanced conceptual tech the DRM Djedhi are bringing on planet.

Rif note: DRM stands for Djedi Recovery Mission.


We have up-linked many movie clips that are holding the activator code.

If you are using a mobile phone, it is likely that the small screen will not be able to impart all of the imperative data.

Make sure you turn the sound up and zoom in the photo's that contain the activation codes.

Rif note: Now would be a good time to take a break. Hit the refresher, grab a snack, etc etc. This is where it gets more complex.

Let's start by explaining how the Djedi Activation Key Code works.

Thousands of years ago, the Neo-Djedhi Mind Tech's started embedding repeating code numbers and names into this reality.

These names and numbers have been hidden prominently in our favorite Art, movies, books and TV shows.

This was done in order to create a distinct pattern of repeating code symbols.

It is hidden in PLAINSIGHT. This pattern leaves a trail that is easily seen, once you know what you're looking for.

Rif note: Recognition of the existence of the pattern is what initiates the activation program.

If that doesn't make sense right now, relax. This is the first time this sort of tech has ever been used on this planet, so give it time to load onto your mental desktop.

The designated DjedIndicator Code names for this mission are:


Rif note: Any derivation such as Michelle, Catherine, Kye, Ke, etc. etc/ is also code. 

The Djedhi Indicator Code numbers are: 

3, 11, 27, and 327.

These names and numbers were chosen due to their mathematical, historical and linguistic significance within Western culture.

Part of the plan was to work those codes into our names, birthdays, Social Security, Driver's Licenses, and other personal identifiers.

This was to help us better recognize, and therefore identify with the activation Key Code.

We are all naturally hard wired to resonate with our own names and lucky numbers.

So if you find any of these names and/or numbers in your personal information, it means you are carrying DjedIndicator Codes.

Rif note: VERY IMPORTANT! -We calculated that the success rate of this gambit would be no higher than 60 percent. 

If you feel that you may be a part of this mission, but are not carrying any of the indicator codes in your name or Birthday, please keep in mind that it is estimated that about 40 percent of your wave is not coded in any way.

Your parents had the ultimate say-so in locking in your birth data, and let's be honest.

Some of them are quite dense.

So you may have yelled yourself hoarse in-utero, that doesn't mean they were able to parse the signal.

Also, many of you have specific missions within the mission, and so have coded in unique frequencies based on your personal point of origin or skill set.

How name coding works: If you have "An" anywhere in your name you are carrying a code. Examples would be "Hannah" or "Dyan", or "Jonathan".

"An" is an abbreviation for Angel, as that is the best description of your rank/job/skillset.

Rif note: The terms "Djedhi" and "Angel" are completely interchangeable, as they represent the exact same position/status/frequency.

Both carry swords made of Light, and use them to protect those in need.

These people will most often be found in positions of service, such as Nurses or Police officers, Social Service providers, Teachers and Coaches, etc etc.

They feel compelled to assist people in need. They are also often quite artistic, always kind and strong hearted.

Many, many Neo-Djedhi are named AnnA, as it's coded in both directions. This will also explain the names otherwise inexplicably enduring popularity over the last century.

Many "An" coded people have very deep, very bright, often multi-colored eyes with a sunburst in the middle.

Rif note:  Green and Gold eyes are quite common in the An's. If you were recognized as a Djedhi by a stranger, and sent to this site, this is quite possibly how they knew who you were.

David is the code name designated to select those who have demonstrated extraordinary courage in prior missions.

Rif note: Gryffindor would be filled with Davids.

Dave was chosen as it is a derivation of "Deva" which is a much older, Sanskrit/Hindu version of the word Angel.

These are the people you will find on the front lines of life. They can often be found as firefighters, Police officers, Soldiers, ER personnel, peacemakers, lawyers, journalists, etc etc.

Michael and Michelle are the codes chosen to denote Neo-Djedhi with leadership skills.

They are strong, sharp people, quite often athletic or talented performers. Business minds, Lawyers, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies, and the military Special Forces are filled with Mike's, as are guide positions of all kinds.

Mike's will often have ice blue eyes with gold suns around the pupils.

Katy, Catherine, Cat etc, is used to denote those Djedi originating from C
at planets.

This is obviously a very long, very strange conversation. But in short, they come from a star system where the original DNA was sourced from Felines instead of Primates. 

Kats are usually quite curious about what's just beyond the horizon, always looking for the next adventure. They are the Seekers of life.

Their actions are also impossible to predict, and they will constantly surprise you. Good luck trying to tell them what to do. They have their own way of doing things and prefer to keep it that way.

Rif note: Certainly explains a lot doesn't it Kat? :) 

KYE, KYLE, KI, KY, KEvin, etc. signifies "Key" and "Ki".

The Ki Techs are the team who were/are tasked with providing the technological advances necessary to raise the quality of life on Aerth to acceptable standards.

They are unusually good at problem solving, as they are quite adept at unlocking puzzles.

NOTE- KI can also be pronounced "CHI".

We here in the west are now familiar with the concept of "Chi" through martial arts films.

It is "The Force" spoken of in the Star Wars films.

It surrounds us at all times. It is what powers all of life. Explaining it, is like explaining water to a fish.

It is no surprise that this group can also become very proficient at the Martial Arts.

These code names also help you Find Each Other.

You and the rest of your team incarnated throughout the far corners of the world, knowing that one day, when the time was right, you would begin to remember your true nature, and join together to form a coalition of truly noble souls.

One strong enough to restore this world to the frequency of Love.

This is our symbol, the Integrice.

Please feel encouraged to use this symbol to help you locate other awake Neo-Djedhi.

If you should be fortunate enough to re-connect with fellow Djedhi at these early stages, take very good care of each other.

Very few of us have completely healthy, supportive Bio-logical families. We did not fit into the old world, as we weren't supposed to.

Our refusal to accept the sickness has led to endless confrontations with the Jokers, the Twisted Sither's who just want to see the world burn
. Many of us are quite wounded, and we're all exhausted. 

In the words of the esteemed philosopher, Theodore S. Preston: "Be excellent to each other".

Number Codes.

As stated, we have been subtly embedding code symbols all over this reality.

Lately, we have been channeling much of our energy into producing films and books that overtly focus on methods of uncovering secret codes woven into reality.

The goal was to train you to look for hidden codes and Easter eggs, so that when enough of the Key Code was in place, you would be able to track it properly.

Primary code number for this mission is "27".

Rif NOTE: Neo-Djedhi Mind Tech's are trained to think multi-dimensionally. We don't just take things at surface value. Just because the western world reads left to right, doesn't mean that's the only way.

In actuality, a huge number of people read right to left. So for us, a 72 can just as easily be a 27.

It's all in the starting point of perception.

Sub-Codes are 3, 11, and 327.

3 is used to represent the Trinity of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

If you research the etymology of the number/word 11, you'll find that it connects to "Angel".

Rif note: Eleven-Elf. Elf-Angel. Think Legolas. 

In real life, hundreds of thousands of people are picking up on the 11:11 

They see it often and resonate deeply with it.  

Please feel encouraged to go take another quick Google, so that you can verify this fact for yourself.

Look at the Djed pillar sideways. There is a "hidden" 1111.

If you consistently see 11:11 on the clock, know that you are not alone. It's definitely worth a Google to see just how many hundreds of thousands of people are also experiencing this phenomenon.

We feel it is best for you to research this one on your own. If we give you links, you may feel that we are stacking the deck.

The number "327" is used to add complexity to the pattern.

Rif note: By combining two of the designated code numbers together, 327 exponentially amplifies the degree of specificity, making it's repeated occurrence much less likely to be the product of random chance.

In the realm of Mathematics, the number 27 is part of something called a "Self locating string". 

If you count out to the 27th decimal place in PI, you will find a 27.

3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 8327

Conveniently, 327 is also available. Also note that Pi's approximate fraction is 22/7.

So again, the 27 code repeats, and mirrors itself.

Rif note: Sometimes, we get cute about it. 

So now that you know the designated numbers and names, let's show you some of the more noteworthy occurrences of the Key Code that are woven into our reality.

Oddly enough, a story about the lineage of actual Djedi is going to start on the USS Enterprise.

It's borderline blasphemy for the Star Wars purists, we know. But it is also by far the most effective method of imparting how this advanced kind of info-tech operates.

Star Trek The Next Generation has an episode called "Cause and Effect" that is the single best way to understand the Digital Red Pill program.

Rif Note: I highly suggest watching this excellent training film in its entirety very soon, as it is the most direct way to explain to you how this kind of program works. It's on Netflix right now.

In short, the USS Enterprise is deep in uncharted territory. They identify the presence of a distortion field. Then another Starship comes out of nowhere and crashes into them.

The resulting explosion not only destroys the Enterprise, it knocks them backwards in time. They get trapped in a time loop.

Over and over again, they crash into the other ship, explode into smithereens, then get blown back in time, totally unaware that they are doomed to keep repeating their destruction over and over.

Here's the thing. We are currently living in the exact same scenario. Have you ever thought about the fact that the Earth is quite literally, a Spaceship?

We are all currently crewing the S.S. Earth, zipping through space at about 66,000 miles per hour.

The atmosphere is our hull, it protects us from meteors and interstellar whatnot.

We're powered entirely by Solar. The plants convert sunlight into oxygen and other life support systems. It’s a completely self sustaining, closed loop system.

That currently really needs repair. We have been stuck in repeating cycles of upheaval and unrest for all of history and it has taken a heavy toll on our ecosphere.

We have somewhere between 5 and 10 years in which we can correct our mistakes and rebuild our planet.

So metaphorically speaking, we are in the exact same scenario as the Enterprise was when it was caught up in the time loop.

The good news is that in the "Cause and Effect" episode there's a solution, and it's a good one.

Weird things start happening on the Enterprise. Lots of odd little "coincidences" are happening, there's a number that keeps appearing in odd places all over the ship...

In the end, the overwhelming amount of inexplicable occurrences of the number 3 help the crew grasp that they are stuck in a distortion field, and they are able to change their course and avert the disaster.

Rif note: This is exactly what's happening now, and exactly what we are doing here, only we are focusing on the 27 and 327 codes.

Once you've seen how deep the Digital Red Pill pattern runs, this episode may well be mind blowing. It's easy to find on Netflix. Highly recommend.

Once free from the distortion loop, the Enterprise contacts the other ship. The Crew of the USS BozemAN has no idea that they have been in a distortion field for 80 years.

They think it is the year 2278.

Summary- This a story about the crew of an imperiled spaceship trying to send themselves a warning back through time.

They do this by inserting a repeating code number all over the ships readout systems.

This was done by the ships Chief Science Officers in hopes that they will recognize the anomaly, that the number 3 is appearing far too often to be chance, and realize that something is trying to alert them to change course.

We are about to show you how that exact same approach has been crafted into many of our favorite stories, using the number 27.

For example, in the finale of the latest film, "Star Trek into Darkness", Spock's big final fight scene against KhAN takes place on barge number 27.

So now that we've covered that, we can move in to
"The Matrix".

The ending scene of that movie is the opening sequence of our next level of life.

This is where we stop being passive watchers, and start becoming power players.

The obvious instances are the two perfectly placed and balanced 27's 3 lines above the box that says "System Failure".

In the movie, the physical red pill is actually a tracking program. Morpheus uses it to find Neo's location in the b
attery fields.

Neo's exact Pin pod number is 0274526303.

This is what we mean by a self locating numbers. These "coincidences" are the glitches in the matrix. They're often quite subtle so you have to be sharp.

We could not be too obvious about the plan prematurely, as we could not tip our hand until the rest of the Technology was in place to be able to support it.

Rif note: As previously stated, there are no enemies, but there are people so sick that they will fight off rescue attempts. 

The panicking swimmer that drowns his rescuer is a good example of what we're up against in this regard.

Unfortunately, some of our minds have become so distorted that they just want to see the world burn. These same people often cause m
ajor problems for Medics. Hence the need for all the subterfuge.)

For ex
ample in the movie, the camera focuses in on the ESC key. Esc. stands for Escape.

Each key on your keyboard has a corresponding Ascii number.

Hidden in plain sight.

It is an activation code, a signal flare from the other side. Perhaps this would be the easiest way to explain it. 

While we're in Gotham, let's also add this in:
Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comics #27


OK, back to the Matrix at hand. Now let's look at the "real world" name coding of The Matrix. This is where the code leaves the realm of the purely fictional, and starts bending into our reality.

Neo Anderson is played by Ke-An-u Reeves.

Trinity (AKA the number 3) is played by Carrie Anne

Morpheus was played by Laurence Fishburne, birthday 7/30/1961. 7+3+0+1+9+6+1 ='s 27.

The Matrix was written by Andy and Larry Wachowski.

The name "Andy" fits the pattern perfectly.

Laurence most certainly does not. You may find it interesting to note that Larry switched genders halfway through his life, and Became "Lana", thus preserving and actually strengthening the pattern.

Rif note: Good work Lana. We're all very proud of you both.

In "The Matrix: Reloaded" Neo had to knock out 27 blocks on the power grid to gain access to the door of the central computer of the matrix.

Behind the door was the Architect of the Matrix.
Remember, we are learning how to become the Architects of our own Matrix.

The "blocks" we need to remove in order to be able to accomplish that, are nothing more than our own limiting belief programs, which are all entirely conceptual illusions created by a post traumatic stress response.

Speaking of terror, you may also find it interesting to know that Neo's birthday is 9/11/2001.

Keep in mind the Matrix came out in 1999. Two years before the attacks on the Twin Towers.

That in and of itself should take you down the rabbit hole a few steps. Speaking of rabbit holes...

Remember how Neo is instructed to follow the White Rabbit?

It's an Alice in Wonderland reference. The author, Lewis Carrol, was born on 1/27/1832.

As we said, this plan was incepted a long, long time ago. Curiouser and curiouser...

The movie Contact was about humans being contacted by an advanced intelligence.

The satellite dish that picked up the inter-dimensional signal code was dish number 27.

That story was written by Carl Sagan, and his wife Ann Druyan.

Quite a few movies focus on us being visited by Aliens. Remember Independence Day?

Written by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich. It opened on 7/2. The guy who discovers the existence of the Aliens is named David. And then there's this.

Independence day 3 exponentially amplifies the pattern.

Dr. Okun, The man who is able to unlock the technology that saves the world is none other than Brent Spiner.

AKA, Data from Star Trek the Next Generation, the ANdroid who unlocked the technology that saved the Enterprise.

Dr. Okun has been in a coma for 20 years. He is resting in hospital room 327.

Brent Spiner's real life Birthday adds up to 27.

Please keep in mind that nothing shapes our reality more than video entertainment. Our screens reflect, direct, create and catalyze us. These programs can be used to help us to recognize possible unwanted outcomes, like the movie Wall-E did.

It opened on the 27th, it was written and directed by Andrew Stanton.

Rif note: Pixar has managed to produce a string of box office megahits that somehow manage to both entertain and educate us.

Every one of those Pixar produced masterpieces contains the 11 and 3 DjedIndicator Codes.

Thank you Pixar. Your high art has helped the world heal and grow immeasurably. If I still have have any pull when the Djedi Recovery Mission is completed, I will demand you receive the highest possible honors.

The Wall-E movie helped more than few of us to finally take stock of some unpleasant parts of ourselves, it also gave us a look at a possible future we may want to avert.

That's the vast power of good Stories. They can show us the future. Our TV screens also offer us a clear reflection.

We all recognized parts of ourselves in "The Simpson's".

The Simpson's were created by Matt Groening, born February 15, 1954. 2+1+5+1+9+5+4 ='s 27.

The movie and the show are both produced and directed by David Silverman.

Rif note: I was co-lead of a fire performance troop called "Phoenix Projekt". David was in it. He probably the most humble person I have ever met. Easily the world's best Fire Tuba player.

It's funny how often it seems like something is trying to bring the band back together.

Also, one of the Assistant Director's of the system just became a good friend after attending a Kung Flow class. He already self identifies as a Jedi and 
owns several Lightsabers. So he's going to freak when he realizes his Instagram ends in 1111. :)  

Note that the release date was 7/27/2007.

It's another one of those films that is trying to tell us about what could happen if we don't start upgrading our lifestyle soon.

In that story, we see what would happen if we became so toxic that we had to have a dome put over us, in order to keep our pollution from spilling over into the rest of the World.

This is the helicopter that opens the doorway in the barrier that allows the Heroes to escape the pollution.

In case that's too subtle, there's also this from the TV show.

If that was too subtle, there's this.

And this.

The following text was pulled off the Simpson's Wiki page. 

"Number 27, an imprisoned inhabitant of The Island, was sent there because she knew how to turn water into gasoline, which would most likely provide both economic and financial breakthroughs, for which her plans were evidently foiled."

Rif note: Sounds like a Neo-Djedhi Ki-Tech to me. 

This brings up one of the most important pieces of information for you to know. What if technology as world changing as that actually existed?

It could have. For example, the man you hopefully know as Nikola Tesla developed a wireless free energy technology over a hundred years ago

If you research Tesla, you will learn that he is responsible for the basis of many of the technological advances we enjoy today.

He largely responsible for bringing electrical power to the world. He also laid the groundwork for radio, television, remote control, X-rays and many other important advances.

If you rese
arch him, you will also find that he had a deep fascination with the number "3". So much so that he would only take rooms that resonated with that number.

This is a plaque on the door of Hotel room in which he spent the last 10 years of his life.

Do you recall this film?

T-3 was produced by Gale Anne Hurd, and also premiered on 7/2.

The female lead is named Kate, played by Claire Catherine Danes.

She's about to get offed by the new Terminator, played by Kristanna Loken.

She was sent back to 7/23 2003 to finally finish John Connor.

Rif note: Remember, Neo-Djedhi think multi-dimensionally, so a 723 can also be a 327. It really depends on your starting point of perception. 

Shoot happens, big trucks crash into things, and the future Governor of the 7th largest economy in the world hangs off the end of crane and crashes into lots of other big things.

Including ambulance number 27. More stuff is crashed into more stuff and eventually the evil robot is sucked into a particle accelerator.

Which just happens to be accelerator number 27.

While we're time traveling, let's go Back to the Future.

Marty McFly Wakes up at this alarm. Watch the clock.

In Back to the Future 2 (1989): When Marty, (Born Michael Andrew Fox.) gets hit over the head, he wakes up on the 27th floor of Biff’s tower.

You may also find it interesting to note that Biff Tannen was literally based on Donald Trump.

In BTTF 2, Biff became President of the US. In the same year that the Chicago Cubs finally won the world series.

Rif Note: That one really bakes my noodle. I got nothing on that one. Little help?

 Also please note the arrows on the poster impart the 11:11 code.

In BTTF 3, Marty gets stuck in the future, 2015.

Rif note: Which just happens to be the year that The Force Awakened.

When Marty manages to solve all the problems, and returns to 1985, it's on October 27.

The last two James Bond films have opened up with him staying in Hotel room #327.

This is made more interesting when you learn that his birthday is 11/11.

Hopefully by now we've established at least the possibility of the pattern for you. Let's see if we can take it to the Next Level.

We have also been inserting Neo-Djedhi indicator codes into Video Games. Most notably, this one.

"ASSASSIN'S CREED" is a multi-platinum selling video game about a highly skilled, sword wielding Hero-in-a-hood who must excavate the memory banks of his own DNA in order to find the location of the very powerful, world changing, ancient high technologies buried deep inside his mind.

Rif note: Sounds familiar doesn't it?

This is to thwart a band of misguided men who are intent on ruling the world through force and violence.

Sound familiar?

The number 72 is used repeatedly as a clue.

The ancient high technologies that can save the world are stored in a Vault hidden deep in a remote cave.

In order to unlock the vault, you have to input the number "72".

Inside is an Apple (computer) and a Staff.

Rif note: These are the exact tools that Kung Flow, your Lightsaber training program is based upon.

First, you'll learn how to use your PC as model for your mind. This shows you how to manually engage the power of your sub-conscious mind in order to achieve a much higher level of performance.

Basically our brains have two "Drives". The conscious mind is strong,  but it's nothing compared to the super-duper-computer that is our sub-conscious drive. 

You can manually engage the sub-conscious mind just by speaking to it.

But that sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

That's where the Staff comes in. I'll show you some advanced spinning skills that you'll think are far beyond your ability to achieve.

As you use Kung Flow to rapidly master these advanced staff skills, you'll prove to yourself that you can use the power of your mind to unlock Djedi level physical ability.

This is way too complex of a conversation to have here. Finish this then click over to

The AC game also weaves in DaVinci, Tesla, Houdini and many other Neo-Djedhi Ki-Techs into the story line. It not only offers an excellent history lesson, it also does a brilliant job of teaching you how to think multi-dimensionally.

It's an epic tool to help you unlock the next level.

You might find it interesting to note the next game in the series is set in ancient Egypt, and they have a Djed Pillar on top of a Pyramid.

Oh, and the game is being released on 10/27.

Rif Note: Assassin's Creed was originally going to be a sequel to "The Prince of Persia, Sands of Time" Series.

This is me spinning firesaber at the Prince of Persia film's premiere party at Skybar.  Funny how often that sort of stuff happens. :) 

Speaking of Fire, that Fire Troupe I Co-led in 2005 was called "Phoenix Projekt."

And for the record, I designed that coat in 2006, which was a year before AC-1 came out. :) 

For those of you into Assassin's Creed, know that Kung Flow is phase 1, and The Digital Red Pill and the Djedhi Generation Game is phase 2.

Phase 3 will bend AC into your real life in ways that make you very happy. 

Rif note: Hello Ubisoft. Let's talk about how your world changing masterpiece can be played in real life.

Millions of gamers love your story. By creating an open ended, fully interactive multi-media platform we can create a way to send them on actual missions where they get to use their sword skills to help people heal and grow.

Your game also has the power to change the world. I know you know about the solar flares.

I do too.

You might find it interesting to not that the Sun's rotational period is based on their position. That latitude gives the Sun a 27.27 day long rotation.

I'm going to give Disney right of first refusal as they own "Jedi", but should they pass you will be quite happy they did.

Phase 3 of this mission turns Hashasheen into an achievable Archetype as powerfully desirable as Jedi.

Warner Bros, you're in play too. Happy to hear you're thinking about making The Matrix 4. I'd like to help with that. 

And by putting that out there, I'm now in the deep end of the Deadpool. 

And Deadpool takes us to The X-men. Unsurprisingly, they take it to the next level. This clip is from the first 5 minutes of Apocalypse.

Remember, that is the symbol of the actual order of real life Ancient Egyptian Djedi.

And here's the X-men's personal jet.

If you stuck around for the end credits scene, you saw a scientist stash Wolverine's DNA in this briefcase.

But that's not even the smoking gun. At one point our Heroes walk past this sign.

This movie is incredibly well done in all departments. Just a fantastic film. This is art at its highest expression. Well played Brian Singer.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 introduced one of the Original X-men, Charlie-27.

Rif note: Remind me to tell you about the time I went camping with StarLord in the Angeles Crest. Funny story.

Movies are the best way to reach the most people, but books are the best way to to teach them how to think like a Hero.

What's been the biggest book series of the last decade?

Harry Potter of course.

Rif note: Harry is short for Harold, and a "Herald" is an Angel.

For those of you who have been living under two rocks, Harry Potter is a story about an abused orphan boy who finds out he’s actually an extremely powerful magician.

Rif Note: Which is exactly what I hope to help you remember about yourself.

What if that story was part of our program? If that was true, our codes would have to be woven into it quite distinctly. Let's take a look.

HP was written by Joanne Kate Rowling. Check and check.

Rif note: She chose the middle name "Kate" by the way.

She has a sister named DiAnne.

Her mother's name is Anne.

Her son's name is David.

Her daughter, Jessica Arantes Birthday is 7/27/93

Harry's father, James Potter's birthday is 3/27.

Harry is played by Daniel Radcliffe. 7/23/1989.

Who produced the last Potter movie? David Heyman and David Barron. David Tate directed.

Speaking of books, The Hunger Games broke big, and offered us another good reflection of our lives.

Written by the smoking hot Suzanne Collins,
(Birthday 8/10/1962 ='s 27)

The main character is a Kat, and there are 3 books, with exactly 27 chapters each.

In the smash hit second movie, Catching Fire, the way the brave people signal their willingness to stand up for freedom is by holding up 3 fingers.

This is us, dropping a direct sign that we are gearing up to start moving back into the light.

Rif note: In the Catching Fire movie, we also see the first images of the rebellion on monitor 427.

In "The Mockingjay", I think that when our heroes enter the fort of the freedom fighters, they meet on Level 27.

Little help? First person to send me cuts of those clips will receive a free copy of the Kung Flow download.

These books are incredibly valuable teaching tools if you wish to understand how the rest of the world views America.

Rif note: We are adamantly against violent rebellion and/or revolution.

We instigated several revolutions in the past and obviously none of them have achieved our goal of World Peace and Prosperity.

We have since realized that by definition, a revolution takes you 360 degrees, leaving you right back to where you started.

So we have acknowledged our errors, and have upgraded our approach.

Our efforts will be entirely peaceful. We are Medics. We are Healers. We 
are Protectors. We do not attack, we do not use violence to solve problems. 

So now let's wrap up by talking about the biggest movie of all time. Not in terms of dollars, but in the lasting effect it has had on our culture.

We're obviously referring to Star Wars.

It may be helpful to recall that "Jedi" is not just something made up for a movie. Let's re-presence that the term "Djedi" comes from actual ancient Egyptian history.

The Djedi were a race of self-selecting Warrior/Magicians who would incarnate onto this planet in times of turmoil in order to provide stability and return peace and prosperity to the world.

Knowing that, what would it mean if our code was obviously and overtly woven into the Star Wars series over and over again?

Rif note: Updates-Just found out Boba Fett's clone trooper serial number was 327.

When Jinn is locked in the cell in the opening of "Rogue One" you can hear a loudspeaker mention "Code 27". 

The man in charge of Awakening the Force, JJ Abrams was born on 6/27.

His TV show "Fringe" is another excellent tool to help you learn how to think meta-dimensionally.

Here's Leonard Nimoy (Spock) sporting a Djed pillar in that show.

The brilliant woman in charge of Star Wars is named Kathleen Kennedy. 

There are actually so many instances of 27's and 327's in the Star Wars universe, that I didn't have enough time to compile all of them.

327 is so deeply embedded into Star Wars that it has its very own Wookiepedia page.

So it's obviously by design. So why does Mr. Lucas knowingly insert that number into all of his films?

Because he knows the code. Like you, he is here to help restore balance to the force.

Only instead of blowing up Death Stars in real life, (which only generates more terror) he is using his gifts as a storyteller to keep the spirit of the Djedi alive.

He tapped the incredible erudition of the scholar Joseph Campbell to make a film that was not only entertaining, but enlightening.

Rif note: If you want truly next level learning, read "The Heroes Journey".

Mr. Campbell's books combined with Mr. Lucas's movies are perhaps the single best tool to help you remember who you are, and where we're going.

By now you are hopefully able to see that there is a pattern, hidden in Plainsight, easily seen if you are able (and willing) to Recognize it. 

The existence of the code itself, is the message.

The message is that there is
 an enormous force of Neo-Djedhi Rescue Techs, assembling on planet as we speak. 

We are gearing up to initiate the first overt phase of a mission designed to return the planet to peace and honor.

It has taken thousands of years of incredibly hard work, by some of the greatest minds in history, (yours.) but we have succeeded.

The Ki-Tech's have built a fully functional internet, and so far we have kept it fast and free.

This means we can now transmit medicinal information at the speed of Light.

We can use this tool to bypass the fear based barriers of ignorance and apathy that distance and language have placed between us.

The ability to quickly connect and unite a large number of noble souls means we are now in position to re-boot the actual Djedhi order.

We can create an ideal movement of intelligent action Heroes willing to put effective effort into making the world a much better place to be.

Rif note: We also now have secured the R2 unit that is holding the codes to heal the Deathstar.

So in short, we are ready to launch the DRM, the Djedi Recovery Mission.

If you would like to step up into the role of real world Djedhi, please see if you agree with the current operating codes 

A Neo-Djedhi is someone who is committed to advancing the cause of Love.

A Neo-Djedhi refuses to accept enemies, the only adversary is ignorance.

A Neo-Djedhi respects all peaceful beliefs.

A Neo-Djedhi will only fight to protect Love. 

Rif Note: I know there are more, but I haven't been able to remember them. Perhaps you can?

If that all sounds good to you, here's how you can help. Leave a comment below, expressing your support for this approach.

Also, it is highly recommended that you Start upgrading your fitness levels and nutrition, if need be. You are going to want to be in shape for this.

Rif note: If only for the after-party. This one will be legendary. :) 

Watch the films and read the books presented here, so that you can see just how hyper-specific they are in relation to this mission.

Please also listen to the messages they are offering. They hold many of the keys to accomplishing World Peace.

We also urge you to pay for your viewings of the copyrighted content. This serves two purposes.

Firstly, it keeps the lawyers at bay. :)

More importantly, it send a very clear signal to the powers that be that these are the kinds of stories we are willing to pay for.

If you're at all intrigued, it would also be very smart to go back and re-read the Key Code as soon as you can. 

The earlier occurrences of the pattern in Star Trek, The Matrix, and Contact are going to be much, much more interesting, now that you've seen just how deep the code runs.

Rif note: Definitely watch the Star Trek next generation episode  "Cause and Effect in it's entirety. It's the best way to learn how this all works.

a way to pay for your viewing if you can. Supporting these artists is a smart thing to do. 

Rif note: The revenue spike in dead projects like "Knowing" will earn the interest of the producers. This makes them much more likely to let us use their movies to help us build the mission up. 

Why is it a "Red" pill?

Violet is the highest/fastest frequency that we can see, and green is traditionally the color that signals it's time to move forward.

So why Red? Doesn't Red mean stop?

Well, keep in mind, that in "The Matrix" the Red Pill was a trace program that identified Neo's personal pod number, a number that started with 27. But that's not it.

Here's why.

If we assign a sequential number value to every letter of the alphabet (A ='s 1, B ='s 2, C ='s 3 and so on...) We get this equation,

R ='s 18

E ='s 5

D ='s 4



That is why the number 27 is the Digital Red Pill.

You're that good Djedhi.

Many safeguards are locking into place as we speak, so know that the future 
is way brighter than it might seem at the moment.

If you can see the value of this project and would like to vote that it gets produced on larger scale, please voice your thoughts in the comment field below.

If you would like to be kept in the know about the latest developments, please join the Kung Flow page on Facebook.

Rif Note: Your info will not be shared, data-mined or otherwise abused in anyway. As that sucks, and I refuse to be a part of it. :)

Also, I'm getting Darksided non-stop. I'm running a Kickstarter to raise the resources needed to hire talented people to turn this rough diamond into something truly inspiring.

Your 5 pledge will earn you instant access to the 

Kung Flow download.

Not only will you be able to start regain your legendary Lightsaber skills right now, you'll be helping me fund this mission.

OK Hero. That's what I know. What you do now, is up to you.

If you've got a good heart, please consider this an open invitation to join the Neo-Djedhi Generation game.

Next Level.